Beyonce Video Fuels Fake Pregnancy Controversy | TMZ


After Beyonce’s pregnant stomach appeared to fold over during a recent interview, many are beginning to suspect that she’s FAKING THE WHOLE THING! SUBSCRIBE: About…

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  1. gangsta gaming says

    Hollywood is about money. I love her. Everything is happening so fast if she get back on the dance. Floor making the move she do . We know what time it is

  2. Karin Wilson says

    Beyoncé is the Leader of this DEMONIC (whatever you want to call it).  She  is a complete FAKE!! Her so called mother, father, sister and marriage!!!!!!! Her birth name is Peggy Robinson and her real birthday is November 19, 1960.  MY BIRTHDAY IS SEPTEMBER 4!!!!!!  She has TRIED to ruin my life and my children's life.  I AM A VICTIM OF A RITUAL CONDUCTED ON February 3 & 4, 2012, !!!!!!!They are working with the FBI, CIA, DEA, JUDGES, POLICE, ETC.   But GOD is REAL and HE IS IN CONTROL!! You Bey followers are following the DEVIL in the FLESH!!!  GOD WILL BRING WHAT IS IN THE DARK TO LIGHT!!! AMEN!! I PRAY AND MEDITATE FOR GODSPEED!! And I am requesting that ALL of GOD's children pray and meditate with me daily just keep your mind on the TRUTH, PEACE, LOVE and JUSTICE!!!!  AMEN!!  THEY WILL TRY AND KILL THOSE WHO EXPOSE, RIP PRODIGY AND I AM HAVING CHILLS RIGHT NOW THINKING OF YOU!! I can not THANK you enough for exposing the truth.   I KNOW THAT YOU ARE WITH GOD now and you are HAPPY and at PEACE,  Give my LOVE to Tupac, Biggie, Aaliyah, Left eye, Bob Marley, Dr. Sebie, Malcolm X and you know the rest.  All for my babies, Zaire, A'Shunte, Saniya and Seth.  They might have taken my money, my material things (cars, clothes, my home), my father and mother,  BUT THEY CAN NOT HAVE MY SOUL!!!  GOD IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!DR. YORK is OUR TRUE teacher!! I HAVE BEEN ON THE LAND IN EDEN, GEORGIA!!  Bookstores were everywhere!! Where are they now!! WHERE IS THE HOLY TALBLET??  Those who know the TRUTH, must pray and meditate on JUSTICE, PEACE and LOVE!! If you do not believe me,  RESEARCH for YOURSELF, (quote, Dr. Malachi York) !! GOD IS REAL!!!!!!!!  and he is IN CONTROL!! EVIL NEVER WINS (PRODIGY) ! In the end GOOD will PREVAIL!!!  AMEN!!!!!! 77

  3. Gangsta Bitch says

    I thought she was an actor

  4. Stoic Observer says

    Look at the face. Pregnant women put on roundness on their faces. None present.

  5. Chantel Belinda says

    Beyonce was never pregnant illuminate fake rituals was performed & made it look like pregnancy but this has went badly sorry bee

  6. Billy Bollox says

    newsfash sheeple … men cannot get pregnant .. end of discussion ..

  7. Latoya Patterson says

    y all think for one second that this interview was put out for everyone to see her stomach folding would have went out without her knowing? I'm pretty sure she viewed the interview before the tape was leaked.

  8. Boobie Diaz says

    When my sister was pregnant she didn't sit like that she usually sat down slow and held both arms of chair and sat down she rarely held her stomach to sit even when u get up u usually stick your belly out getting up for the most part and Beyoncé showed no back problems or nothing and women tend to have back pain or like grab their Lower back when walking or anything she wasn't pregnant because when she was pregnant this time with twins she made sure to show her stomach and let people know she was pregnant like she had something to prove I mean blu was her first kid she should of did a photo shoot then don't u think

  9. mario perez says

    Bitch is a man

  10. Matt Mosley says

    Man, I hate it when tards say 'Conspiracy Theory' without even knowing what it means.
    Just because someone says something isn't true, doesn't mean there's any illegal surrounding it.

  11. German Princess says

    She had a fake pregnancy because "she" is really a man. A secret illuminati baphomet tranny. Research it

  12. shin Nikita says

    The woman is a superficial in every way! It's all about image and manipulation to advance herself. Feel sorry for the one who are fooled by her media image facade

  13. bane734 says

    Beyonce is a transgender you half wits! That belly is fake this is Satan's world and you are literally worshipping a whole slew of female to male and male to female trannies! You are deceived!! These are demons mascarading in human flesh

  14. Danfuerth Gillis says

    Lmfao and Bouncynoprego has been missing for months lol no doubt to prep the fake adopted kids and somehow they seem older than her fake pregnancy lol.

  15. Foxy356 says

    1:04 Either that or she's a fatass

  16. J Starks says

    Dam that baby bump folded over……wtf??? A surrogate yes, that baby bump is definitely fake. Oh well, next…..

  17. Trent Lloyd says

    It's because she's a man, and jay z is a Butch dyke

  18. Kslay4dayz Boss lady says

    She faked her pregnancy ,thats because she had somebody else to have her baby,a surrogate…im guessing because she didnt want to stop singing or cancel tour.

  19. Jenny Guan says

    i get this looks very incriminating but can someone explain the pregnant bikini photos then?

  20. Who the hell leans forward like that when they pregnant stay blind y'all keep worshipping this thing wow

  21. hendi fox says

    TMZ knows that she's a transexual TMZ are bunch of liars they're in on it too

  22. JAVIER JAVIER says

    tranny do not get pregnant

  23. Patrick De Santos says

    A tranny can't get pregnant ! No uterus and no ovary ! LOL

  24. frankenpope says

    fake controlled channel go F**K yourself! i wonder why there is a whole industry making fake pregnancy bumps,mmm.

  25. Dollstopmotion Dollstopmotion says

    This happened a good 6 years ago and well look at that Blue Ivy Is 6.. Well i'll be damn. Let's Talk About that.

  26. SPACECATS says

    Wether or not Beyonce was pregnant why does it matter

  27. BORNAGAIN4111611KJB says

    she's a tranny

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