TOP 5 Look Like Justin Bieber Shocked Worldwide


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  1. Vasu Baveja says

    Shame mandle

  2. Adiba Hasmee says

    I like 5 one he is so cute. I like very much

  3. Nguyễn Cao Phai Vlogs says

    VietNam hello

  4. Mahar Tahir Sattar Mts says

    hello friend i need ur help
    please contact with me
    its my whatsapp no i,m from pakistan
    i will wait

  5. amer shaker says

    WTF he/she 1st one looks like a peace of poop

  6. Kushal teja says

    if you are a fan of Bieber give a like

  7. Bad Bryden 43 says

    I’m better then the kid at 11:00 minutes


    13:38 falls off bed screaming and crying and is so happy and thinks how cute he is and thinks how cute Justin b is

  9. Jack Boii says

    The little boy on the guitar don’t lol like Justin

  10. Makbel Habeshawi says

    i like it no 2

  11. Lunghao Wei says

    OML the second persons second song is how i feel about my secret admioror

  12. Majestic Player says


  13. Christine Slay says


  14. JUSTIN BEAVER says

    Justin Bieber FAGGOTS!

  15. Pierman ernest says

    Dani shay is the female version of JB. Justin looks like

  16. Was one of the judges for the guy that was 13 demi lavato it looked like her

  17. Chin Boy says

    so nice

  18. Nasrin Islam says

    I am confused!!!!!

  19. Simon Gichiri says

    wow awsome

  20. Mr. Nade says

    Hey Number 2 What song is that?

  21. mixture technology says

    The 2rd one was top class

  22. Twin Twiny says

    13:29 song??anyone?pls?

  23. Ostehaps says

    1:55 He just Said “He is Good” it’s a grill :))

  24. Suraj Thorat says


  25. Kerrisa Lawrence says

    are you Justin Biber

  26. Kerrisa Lawrence says

    are you Justin Biber

  27. Kerrisa Lawrence says

    are you Justin Biber

  28. LÊNIN says

    When was the first one?

  29. Ninna Marak says

    I like it

  30. Essence Weber says

    Is Danny a girl or a boy

  31. Ruby Sanchez says

    What the 1st one tho is it a boy. Or girl in saying its a boy them eyes tho too big hall naw

  32. AwKwArD_hElLo vlogs says

    2nd one dosent look like JB but great voice


    Dani shay (first one) is the only justin bebier look alike but 10 times better

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