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  1. Aveon Clark-Branner says

    Still listen to the song in 2018

  2. Dasiaa Barbour says

    Still my jam

  3. Makalia Cole says

    I cryed off this song because my grandpa died

  4. Tyasia Davis says

    2018 people

  5. Vukile Sishi says

    Listen I love that

  6. Tfoo says

    still listen 2018

  7. Alexia Roots queen says

    Wonderful song

  8. Ophelia Barlow says

    I love this song

  9. Akeelah Williams says


  10. JaeIani Brown says

    My mom died

  11. Ariana Constant says

    I love this song sfm

  12. Angel W says

    ain't no woman need a man in their lives unless your really desperate, but this is a woman's world men think its theirs but truly a woman's we hold the key to beauty I know I may only be 15 but any woman can be independent and not worry about no man we can do anything a man can we can become anything we want to if we put our minds to it.

  13. rwilbourn faith says

    I used to hate this song, but I found out that I couldn't just stop listen(ing) to it

  14. Anna Day says

    This is so beautiful who has seen the one were there 's a little boy on x factor singing this exact song

  15. Alyssah Mata says

    10 years later and it still gets me :'(

  16. Coco Bush says

    i love this song how about you guys

  17. Prieta J says

    Lmao this song was for her dad

  18. Amy Orozco says

    I got that high note

  19. Kerrine Brown says

    I love this song very much . l just want Beyonce voice

  20. Zahira diva says

    Very spectacular

  21. Granola xo says

    Holy shit

  22. Teeka Weeka says

    I got to sing this song for my talent show I was crying

  23. trinity bolden says

    I go to Barnard elementary school

  24. Sarah Moore says

    This song is called LISTEN By Beyonce

  25. Paula Ruth Pugliese says

    I love this song

  26. Tristyn Banks says

    I love this song so much I can't help but lip sync to it

  27. Tina Tigner says

    Sanning Guuurl!!! HA!

  28. JazrealpuppysUnicorn Hamster says

    I hit the hign note i did it

  29. Selena Watson says

    It's my chance now for everyone to listen

  30. Precious Marable says

    this song gets me in my feelings

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