Kissing Scenes – Miley & Jake


Here’s a video with all the kissing scenes between Miley and Jake. Episodes: Clip 1 – People Who Use People Clip 2 – Achy Jakey Heart Part 1 Clip 3 and 4 – Achy Jakey Heart Part 2.

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  1. Racquel Bourg says

    I miss Hana Montana I wish mily virus will turn back to the old her and stop being so nasty

  2. Jazzi Sprinkles says

    ERMERGERSH jake is sooo sweet I wish I could find a bf like him.

  3. Scar!ett Gospe! says

    bahahahha Cx

  4. أبو وش says


  5. Amanda Soares Paiva Azambuja says

    This is so sweet romantic magical FETCH IN MY CHART AKA, LIST FOREVER 1 always!;):)<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  6. Antonio Garcia says


  7. esther teo says

    that make me think of my boyfriend

  8. Ivy Nguyen says

    Hey should be together in real life!!!

  9. Quantasia Beason says

    Omg I can't believe she

  10. Rebekah Mathews says

    Mlmmm hmmmmm….

  11. Lauren Mathews says

    he makes me think of my boyfriend

  12. patty Palmer says

    I like the first scene and there so cute

  13. XxMgXx 555 says

    LOL I FREAKED OUT ABOUT LILLY she fell down hahahaha

  14. aslan lion says


  15. aslan lion says


  16. natalia Miranda says


  17. natalia Miranda says

    Te amo

  18. Matthew Laskorski says

    Back when hannah montana actually ALLOWED kissing. Before season 3 and 4 came along, :l

  19. Jasmine Miller says

    tbh Jakes ugly

  20. Christina Adams says

    I want to be Miley Cyrus .

  21. Martina Flow says


  22. Anthony Flores says

    miley Jake cody linley Hannah Montana

  23. he is a… sloerie

  24. it is judgment says

    did anyone notice she bites her lip before every kiss

  25. Almighty Aisha says

    Lily is a kind of friend I would want

  26. PansLina says

    I can't believe this happened such along time ago! I remembered every scene..I shipped them so hard! 🙂

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