Miley Cyrus Worst Moments – Twerking, Crying, Fighting With Paparazzi, Controversies & More


Miley Cyrus Worst Moments – Twerking, Crying, Fighting With Paparazzi, Controversies & More MIley Cyrus known as the queen of Controversies has had a lot of ups and downs in her life. …

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  1. Gross Miley gross my daughter is watching this sick lady you are I don’t expose myself until marriage unlike you

  2. Ömer Ordu says

    Türkler sa

  3. Rom H says

    When her kids see this in the future …mom…wtf?

  4. Aryan Kumar says

    Wait… where's the thumbnail thing??

  5. Takshak 666 says

    I think she is mad

  6. Lion predator says

    تحب العير!؟…She likes the rod

  7. Ace96 says

    Wow , anyone bringing their kids to this sickening evil shet is a really sick twisted freak indeed. I Bet Dems will try to run this little whore for Prez in 2020, say that can't lose, and then lose harsh yet again. You scumbags gave really ruined your nation well….

  8. Mary Askew says

    that is so nasty I thought you played on Disney and you are nice girl I said you do all that stuff and I'm just a little girl

  9. Mary Askew says

    does your dad let you do this if I was your mom I wouldn't let you do this I can't believe your dad bless you and do all this stuff by yourself without permission

  10. Megan Donson says

    Ok, she definitely is sick.


  11. Angel Simone says

    Cher & Pink are pissed off at her and Miley Cyrus's bangerz tour made Madonna look meek! Madonna was all for pushing people's buttons but Miley Cyrus is acting disgusting and she will be twerking herself to hell if she doesn't watch it!

  12. Camilla Scalzi says

    0:57: I can totally understan her. Journalists are so stressing, I mean one can't even go to the hospital xD

  13. haytham dod says

    oooo so this how bitch look like

  14. nidhi sharma says

    Such a bitch..
    What's the need to do such vulgar n sexual actions on stage..

  15. cat s jm says

    she smoking oh

  16. Aya Yahya says

    الله يصلحهه

  17. Ngoc Lan says


  18. ندة. القلة

  19. احمد السيد says


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