Blac Chyna Leaked Video, PROOF Beyonce Can’t Sing? + Fergie’s Horrible Performance!


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  1. Zoe Beauty says

    you look beauitful !!

  2. Alexandra Vazaldu says

    I’ve heard Beyoncé sing without music, it’s a fact the woman can sing, I agree with you. I feel Wendy was a bit exaggerating with her comment lol 😀
    I like your hair it’s so pretty =]

  3. Honey Halze says

    So 2 ppl thumbs down this video…..why u even watch it then……Please Exit…….Adrienne more blessings to u

  4. Adrienne Show says

    Sorry for the messed up edits! Love y'all

  5. David de Bruin says

    Bee can sing yes, but Ferg just had ONE bad performance: Ferg can actually sing way higher and lower than Bee. I dont want to compare them too much cuz Bee is totally pop/r&b and Ferg is more hiphop/rock but they can both sing extremely well in their own musical world. Ferg just did try wayyy too much and had a bad day or something, ive heard them both live and they both give killer performances.

  6. dignified jade says

    I like Rihanna more than Beyonce too. It's just a preference 🙂 I don't know why anyone could say sth against Beyonce's singing ability.

  7. LadyiSh09 says

    i think the band arrangement was also poor, wasn’t just her

  8. Martha thaxton says

    That’s not the first time Wendy had something to say about Beyoncé. Smh

  9. Justice Aiko says

    Honestlyyy cyna is just trying to get the topic off her.

  10. Adaobi Maryann says

    I love your voice ur hair is beautiful

  11. Adaobi Maryann says

    I love u because ur sincere baby u speak it real

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