Kylie Jenner’s New Boo Travis Scott Calls Her Ex-Boyfriend Tyga a FOOL


Kylie Jenner is a catch for any man and her latest rumored boyfriend Travis Scott has some things to shout out to her ex…Tyga. According to inside sources Travis Scott is not taking his new…

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  1. sista truth says


  2. Love Lots says

    Sooo childish

  3. Diesel Vercoe says

    tyga is way better than Travis Scott he's a fool

  4. Infotainment TV. 57941 says

    ohhh Kylie

  5. Ashley Lalala says

    She looks like Chrissy Teigen in the thumbnail

  6. Jojobeeh says

    Travis tho?

  7. Ariel Poison says

    So the kardashians first take Kanye and now they wanna take Travis??? This looks like some illuminati shit my nigga they tryna take our greats and make them suck satanic dick

  8. Wilson Gador says

    fake news

  9. Buna says

    just realised haven't seen tyga and kylie photos together in a while and felt like the air is fresh and clear

  10. Raghad Kl says

    Kylie is fake af just like most of those "Baddies", nothing natural or different

  11. Miss ciicii Middlebrooks says

    Take a break​ hopping from one relationship to​ another.

  12. Sierra Stone says

    Everyone… how would you feel if your daughter or sister was dating someone with a face tattoo?

  13. Myrna Huerta says

    tyga is better @[email protected]

  14. Jenée Marie says

    From a bum looking felon to another bum looking felon.

  15. Johanna Blessing says

    paid off comercial from mamas jenner to benefit kylie hoe

  16. landshark616 says


  17. Pbonnet6970 says

    People need to leave her alone she doing something for her self n she only had to boyfriend right she not doing drug she not out here selling her ass she still a kid she having fun living her life

  18. ReZekt- says

    Fakeeeeee again ffs

  19. Carol Basa says

    Who the even heck is Travis Scott? pretty much using Kylie to get noticed by the public

  20. Whittiellis says

    tyga knows what he was doing and am sure there was a reason why he let her go

  21. Leo Lion says

    But you were just saying all that stuff, not reading it from any post or tweet or whatever…! What's going on? I thought I'd see a video of him saying that or something not you going on about whatever that's your own opinion.. We want proof

  22. barbie k says


  23. unseen visitor says

    Travis Scott looks like a fucking bum. What's with this girl

  24. Steve Cato says


  25. Steve Cato says

    It's Travis not travis Dumbass.

  26. Steve Cato says

    Kudos to Tyga for leaving that nasty bitch he should be glad since she was so quick to go suck some more cock!!

  27. C. Diamonds says

    Travis need to GET OUT now from Kylie!! All these young white female celebs dating brothas as if they're the "New Accessories" to be seen with.

  28. Nogen skal jo være Lækker says

    Finaly Tyga are going too work. He has lost the ony-maker, he is back whit BC befor fall. Loser

  29. tyga has a very beautiful childs mom kylie can not compare to black chyna.

  30. travis scott something tells me he will learn why tyga left Kylie

  31. So this post just admitted Kylie Jenner. tried to get Tyga a black man to betry the black mother of his black child in which then would have interfered with the development of their beautiful son King…Black Americans WakeUp. this is to me a good example of how whites manipulate black families and try to tear black families apart. Kylie Jenner is after any black man she can easily get her hands on. shes a mess

  32. Did she also just say she hopes travis scott Follows her lead ???? O M Gosh I guess Travis Scott doesnt have a brain based on what she just said. he has a brain and money God help him and all black men

  33. Bow Wow says

    Tyga's not a fool he's more like a clown

  34. Lazo says

    Kylie is not a catch lol! She a million dolla "Bust-Down"….Hit n Run type, nothing but another groupie trynna mooch of Rapper fame.

  35. 1911 says

    kylie jenner Bitch

  36. Rari says

    The girl is a slut sleeping with everyone to get more fame

  37. JOYCE.A says

    Kylie can literally have any man she wants yet her taste is sooo ugh…. this guy is literally worse then tyga ….

  38. Eunice D says

    The mother paid him off I bet to go away..Travis needs a bigger fan base that's why he's around that build a body chick

  39. Kacy Murray says

    fuck Travis he is a shit

  40. seniya Alleyne says

    kylie and the kardashians are all dumb

  41. Steve Cato says

    Travis Scott is a bum with no talent.

  42. Noartist says

    its ok that all these kardashians are into black guys… but why these thug losers ? lol man so glad they arent my daughters

  43. Soprono Glen says


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