Kim Kardashian holds open a fur coat to expose her breasts as she shares series of VERY racy snaps


She’s not shy! Topless Kim Kardashian holds open a fur coat to expose her breasts as she shares series of VERY racy snaps Kim Kardashian posed topless for a new Twitter picture. The 37-year-old…

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  1. Gail Jackson-Chapman says

    Why would she do this. What did Kanye say and plus she has three children. Dam those Kardashian are sick for money. First when she got robbed and was scared shitless but, get naked in front of a camera and it's all good. Go figure

  2. MeLLoW says

    This WITCH is a TRULY SICK & SAD MENTALLY ILL person. she HATES HERSELF. she's OVERLY INSANELY OBSESSED with being THIS Black SISTAH from the Chicago area that she STALKS for HER LOOK & STYLE…. HhMmmmm…… TRUE FACTS…….

  3. Paula Olliver says

    I hope she is electrocuted trough her ass and killed just like the animals are killed for her fur coat. She is not the prettiest anymore. She is not so young anymore and she is getting very desperate sexual attention. That’s because there are much younger hotter women celebrities and she can’t compete. Three kids, she should focus in being a good example for her kids. Imagine her daughter looking back at these pics 20 year from now…. wow mom was fucked up. She is a terrible parent and awful human being. Money money money and money.

  4. patricia brown says

    she need to sit her bubble  butt down and be a mother those days of her posting sexy pics are gone let it go. don't she know this will effect her kids in the long run with the nasty comments kids will say she doesn't think .why would she do this to feel better about her body and let her sisters know I still got it. really I'm so sick of these girls posing and not thinking about their kids and the impact it will have because of their parent actions.

  5. Erica Garcia says

    She is so desperately seeking attention. Smh

  6. [email protected] Sapanatan says

    She has also chnaged the colours of her nipples. She is armanian they have darker nipples. So poore really that means she was never confident with herself

  7. Rai.Leshae says

    Someone said "do y'all notice how her nipples pointing outward" that was a little funny joke

  8. Rosaleen Fourie says


  9. Rosaleen Fourie says

    Poor Kanye..

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