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  1. Florencia Galvan says

    Do more songs

  2. Raju Ansari says

    I love it….

  3. isabella Vasquez says


  4. Carlos Alvarez says

    cr good to xhdyhdfhdydydjydufyfhhfudtdhhdhdfydjjdjdhydhdjdhdyydtxhdhhdjfuchydydjfjycyf
    I'm hungry Pizza Hut scissors ddhxxhhfhdjjcyxthhdj

  5. David Johnson says

    Comments here are like
    1. I love jb
    2. If only he makes songs like this
    3. Who's watching in 2018

  6. Zahin says

    This made me cry

  7. xIceBlade Gaming says

    1 like = 1 push up

  8. Deepak Rajput says

    I love this song

  9. Carlos Alvarez says


  10. Tim Tim says

    If you are reading this,fuck you Riya M.There's a special place for people like you in hell! My Sis was right,you were a skank!

  11. hanaa saqlawi says

    I'm your number one Justin Bieber fan

  12. Rekha Sandeliya says

    I love my self and love jb

  13. Élise W says

    I love you

  14. Megan Contreras says

    I like your son I’m the biggest fan

  15. Unicorns are AMAZING and COOL says

    Someone hacked me. I'm 9 not 7. And I don't want to go to a Justin beiber concert. Also I don't love Justin beiber

  16. Sofia Juncos says

    Amo justin bieber

  17. Angelina Ramirez says

    who's listing 2018??

  18. Shaleah Amos says

    I'm having a Justin Bieber evolution before my birthday and his birthday

  19. Kierra Robertson says

    Jb:My mama don't u and she likes everyone
    Me: Soooo fucking true

  20. Kierra Robertson says


  21. Christina Spinnato says

    Justin Bieber is the best

  22. Bob Bradley says

    my new favorite song

  23. Eddie goh says

    l love this song so much

  24. Clay Holland says

    you are a great singer

  25. NoWaa says

    march 2018

  26. Amitava Dutta says


  27. antwork25 says


  28. Alex da kewl guy says


  29. Muansanga Muantea says

    From 2:32 i love the music

  30. Azar Ali says

    Cool, awesome, fabulous and fantastic

  31. Mah Noor says


  32. eni_ enyy says

    2018 like my coment if you like this song

  33. Tony Vang says

    I think Justin sings this song better then ed did. Jb voice is perfect for this. Just my opinion

  34. Mirosława Herzberg says


  35. Marianna Broussard says

    You think I’m crying 'on my own,' well I ain’t.

  36. Noah Johnson says

    Good song

  37. Karina Ventura says

    Beautiful song!

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