Miley Cyrus Sex Tape To Be Leaked: The Truth


Miley Cyrus sex tape has leaked according to a “source”, plus, Miley calls little sister Noah the “pussy police.” Subscribe! Starring Elizabeth Wagmeister Produced…

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  1. melanie mcknight says

    This is not the real her

  2. Zu Pleyer says

    hksjvssLnsjanskcaamvalnsvkl lanca lančanih l

  3. thecowcanon says

    song at the start??

  4. _Barto_Simpsons_ says

    hahahaha billig luder!

  5. Anders K Andersson says

    VOMIT !!!!!

  6. gfine2000 says

    First of all Miley is unattractive. That's why she tries so hard and puts herself out there like a major whore. Most unattractive women try too hard to look sexy most of the time. It's called low self esteem.

  7. Beaulah Fay says

    Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BABETONIGHT——————c0m

  8. Michael Kelly says

    who fucking cares the more media attention this stupid whore gets more cash that goes into her bank for all the wrong reasons so let's not make this stupid attention seeking slut more famous than she already is.

  9. cameron's feet says


  10. cameron's feet says


  11. cameron's feet says

    fuckk that

  12. cameron's feet says

    fucckk that

  13. cameron's feet says


  14. Cloe Volkmann says

    I like you the way you where before

  15. Hello, my name is Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana and you're watching Disney Channel.

  16. Rob Trent says

    "Miley Cyrus Sex Tape To Be Leaked: The Truth" has absolutely no "truth". A better and more honest title would be Miley Cyrus Sex Tape To Be Leaked: Speculations

  17. Emile g says

    who gives a fuck about some whore

  18. Barack Obama says

    miley just looks nasty to me

  19. 2016BMWi8 says

    I'd take a Dill to the Crawfish and drill that ole Devil in the ASS!!!

  20. alfifi adel says

    what happend to the people
    before 6 years
    I loved this girl when she was
    a girl
    when she was hanna montana
    but now I'm very sad to her now
    she change realy change
    why miley why?

  21. face says

    and what did Liam said? you don't even look sexy but just like a child who is copying adults to look interesting…btw keep your tong IN YOUR MOUTH it's not sexy it's more like a clown

  22. Lillie Terry says

    Kiss this

  23. Neil Gamby says

    Lmao fake news! Thats kyle mooney from SNL and Good Neighbor Stuff in the "tapes"

  24. American GI 1967 says

    A man would be labeled a pervert if he did what this Miley Cyrus does.

  25. Cheryl Wooden says

    Trash her all videos on pornhub for free

  26. Cheryl Wooden says

    All Miley Cyrus sex tapes on Pornhub go google, a lot of them too, fool probably doesn’t even
    Know it , uh !

  27. Cheryl Wooden says

    Go to pornhub for all Miley Cyrus sex tapes given men blowjobs. Yuk

  28. Make America Great Again says

    She went from the wholesome innocent Hanna Montana persona to this? What does her family think of her now? Or do they care?

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