Kylie Jenner Killed Snapchat! Taylor Swift’s Secret Life! AND….


Kylie Jenner’s impact is worth BILLIONS! Taylor Swift’s living in hiding and going to great lengths to make it super lush! And all of today’s hottest topics, including Ed Sheeran, Rachel McAdams,…

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  1. Kristen McDonald says

    Woo hoo Perez

  2. Ginger Rogers says

    Love Kelli, happy for you, no luck needed for you, Sue Kylie Jenner, NRA is here to stay, guns be gone!! I side will Kim, Sarah was in bed with the old boys club! $$$$ you have allot to say today, I couldn't keep up!

  3. Retro Gaming says

    Wow… Kylie has that much power….smh

  4. Susie Q says

    Snapchat deserves that ! The new lay out sucks hopefully they get the hint….

  5. Isabel Smith says

    Name the dolls that Mia play with on the photo on Instagram Milly & Molly. Milly is my 11yr old daughters name. And the names start with M like you & your kids name does. Hehe

  6. Emily Nolin says

    Kylie Jenner is a freaking boss of the universe and I LIIIIIIIIIIVE for it. She is BRILLIANT. At life.

  7. Krysta Garcia says

    I hate Snapchat’s new format!

  8. Daphne Nvt says

    The things she worries about. And indeed, it would've been better if she just instead said: who else wants to own a gun, ugh. But then again, the majority of the gun owners are old, bald hillbillies that don't care for Kylie's opinion.

  9. Mike Snedegar says


  10. Kristhyan Villalba says

    I don't think it was because of Kylie that Snapchat is falling right now, actually people is stopping using snapchat, I deleted the app like 2 weeks ago because has too many updates all the time and overheat the phones quickly and sometimes takes a lot to load all the filters, it's just a mess and now everybody uses the whatsapp and instagram story-status, it wouldn't surprise me if the same happens to facebook.

  11. Lauren Q says

    Love these videos from you!!! ❤️

  12. Kitty McPuss says

    I hate you

  13. Erin H says

    I don't think its Kylie's influence about Snapchat… Lots of people don't like the new format, I wish she would stop getting credit for everything (& media would stop giving her so much unnecessary attention, cough cough)

  14. Patricia Dilossi says

    Kylie did NOT stop Snapchat!!..Get a life people.

  15. Jc Hall says

    Taylor has bought property in the building next to her NY  Tribeca Penthouse, because has a secure back entrance and inside parking. (Like her ex's Styles and Gyllenhaal have around the corner at pap proof 443 Greenwich Street.) //   Taylor's LA  2 acre Samuel Goldwyn estate was officially declared a city landmark last April.  She still got Beverly Hills to approve her installation of  imposing security fences around the historic home.

  16. Lara says

    omg Im shocked about that snapchat stock market loss…wow

  17. Sam C. says

    You are a dumb motherfucker!

  18. Big Deo says

    Pretty sure it's the update that made people delete Snapchat, not Kylie. Everybody's sick of it. It'd be dumb if a celeb said FaceBook is trash and suddenly people stop using it.

  19. abdiwahab adan says

    Kylie is a negative to the society

  20. Marissa Hall says

    I get some of the update but some of it was unnecessary Snapchat needs to go back to the original format but keep some of it so it’s easier to use not hard to figure out it took me a while to find celebrities because it no longer has the option to find people unless it’s it’s someone you know that has a Snapchat already and your contacts

  21. Ayah's House says

    plzzz subscribe … new lebanese channel ♡

  22. Kashmir2000is says

    Another who has an opinion without facts. An assault rifle is no different than a regular rifle other than cosmetics. 1.3 million ar15's are sold per yr. in the US. The assault rifle that you are so afraid of is not the problem. You all should be more afraid of pharmaceuticals.

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