Kendall Jenner Nearly Suffers Nip-Slip In Extremely Sexy Top


Tuesday, July 14, 2015 – Kendall Jenner goes to Barneys NY and almost suffers a wardrobe malfunction when her blouse flies open with no bra on a windy day in Beverly Hills. The supermodel dodges…

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  1. Veronica Gable says

    omg everyone behind her looks so basic lol

  2. Erzane Mcfly says

    she's a fucking bitch. All that fucking consumering habits. Drinking all that shit everyday and playing the star. all that is disgusting. It would be nice to rape her and do her like piggy stuffs.

  3. olivia-Josef Transit says

    for heaven's sake leave the girl alone " Trump is right you're vultures . let's enjoy her beauty respectfully. or else ' get lost'

  4. Mary Hodgenson says


  5. Wilfried Grimm says


  6. Radann Khügerclaus says

    paparazzis are anoying as fuck like flies. They would eat their own shit just to get that fucking answer.

  7. Ladislav Rydzi says

    Very litle nip baby

  8. Mohammed Mukhtar says

    In recent years there have been bad behaviour and unacceptable deeds from the celebrities , they just take off the cloth a part of their body to be sexualised and even attaractive by looking for fame only , what an awesome people they really are , shame

  9. medsubway says

    No tiene tetas

  10. Velveteeens rv says

    i don't think she mind showing that to the paps if she was she woundnt wore that shirt. XD

  11. Adam Carter says

    Wouldn't it frustrating, wherever you go the media is following you and taking your picture

  12. Fabio Lucarelli says

    Small Tits are the best and sexy!!!!!!

  13. MacKenzie McLean says

    I know some people say the Kardashians and Jenners are famous for doing literally nothing, and they're just followed around and put on the news, but honestly, Kendall really worked her ass off for the job she has now. I don't really keep up with the other Kardashians (lol) or Jenners, so I can't really say that I know that they've worked their asses off for a specific job (although I'm sure they have), but I know that Kendall has had to put everything she has into her modeling career. Although, yeah, I'm sure being the youngest sister of the most famous family in the world helped her, she had to actually put in the work, it's not like someone was doing it for her. Like, she's the one that works out everyday, and eats healthy, and goes into auditions, and practices her walk. No one else can do that for her. So it really pisses me off that after (what I'm sure is) a very stressful day for her, she has to put up with these 30-45 year old men following her around with 20 cameras 24/7 just to see how she breathes, walks, and eats frozen yogurt. Absolutely insane.

  14. Bretlash says

    What do you expect wearing half a shirt?

  15. noa says

    i hope that this 65 year old dies soon

  16. LEBANESE ROSE says

    Who on earth walks with an open shirt wearing no bra and showing breast!!!BITCH BITCH BITCH..AND NOW SHE WANTS PRIVACY!!!BUTTON YOUR FUCKING SHIRT AND WEAR A BRA KARDASHIAN WHORE!!!

  17. Juliano says

    were kourtney and scott ever married

  18. Tony Montana says

    She's filthy rich and could't even pay for her friend's ice cream??

  19. MiyyahAbdul says

    its crazy how young girls idolize her and her family

  20. dr greenthumb says


  21. Stoner says

    why she keeps fixing her top to cover her nips? If she cares of suffering nipslip, then she shouldn't have dress that way. yes. Girls can dress how they want it to be but don't cheat yourself.

  22. 97warlock ismyname says

    Reason for dressing that way …..Public attention.

  23. 97warlock ismyname says

    Her freind is Braless also

  24. 97warlock ismyname says

    I Hate that style glaasses. Chics wear big ole gawky dude glasses. looks stupid imo

  25. Bodes 11 says

    U suck I hate u lance is better

  26. Captain Obvious says

    did you know there are more nipples than people?

  27. Ku Elizabeth says

    lol everything seems like such a task

  28. Seb Hale says

    Rip that guy

  29. Flora Avdeyeva says

    Any Boys want to do that with me?
    I am single.. I am so alone.. I am am so wet.. please contact me here :

  30. Alex Pilgrim says

    With all those nasty paparazzi I would become same nasty bitch as her

  31. mcpartridgeboy says


  32. acbennett7 says

    these people asking the questions are just annoying , they ask the same question over and over and over again til she speaks

  33. Cole Hassan says

    I feel bad that all those people are just surrounding her give her some space gosh

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