Kylie Jenner Reveals Most SHOCKING Fear On New Life of Kylie


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Kylie Jenner opens up about her biggest fear on an all-new Life of Kylie promo, and trust us when we say, it’s not at all what you’d…

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  1. Rafaella Georgiou says

    Its funny cause she dates travis who idk i guess he has a thing for butterflies and she got a tatto of a butterfly so yeah its weird

  2. Plamedie Ifasso says

    I'm afraid of dogs so I'm not judging

  3. JaSha Evans says

    I have an irrational fear of bubbles.Im trypohobic.It gives me massive anxiety.

  4. vegetaouji333 says

    Ok real talk. Are you guys sponsored by the Kardashians? Or by someone who is associated with them? You must be. You have to be. Or you're just a very uniquely collective of people who have never once in their lives heard of Sleep Paralysis or Lepidopterophobia aka a fear of Butterflies. It's so weird. It's like you were all homeshooled and find normal things wild. And then someone in the Kardashinan clan realized this and is using it to their advantage. Because I love them. But this is not news. This should be in a video titled 5 Things You Didn't Know About Kylie Jenner. Why don't you talk about Hayley Williams getting divorced? Or about the disrespect to Chester's tribute at the VMA's. This isn't anime, we don't need fillers.

  5. Joelle R. says

    What about Travis Scott's dick?

  6. Makiya Athey says

    My sisters scared of butterflies I used to make fun of her because I thought she was the only one in the world

  7. Gino Aldeguer says

    Nice, 2 girls that I hate, Kylie and Renee

  8. A Beauty says

    Groundbreaking newss Guys!! KYLIE JENNER IS SCARED OF BUTTERFLIES!

  9. youtuber2000 says

    Is this seriously your job? You spend every single day of your life worrying about celebrity news. Aren't you itching to do something yourself? Most pointless job ever

  10. Monica Merritt-Lampl says


  11. I like butterflies in drawings and stuff, when there are just these beautiful wings, but real butterflies creep me out. Kylie is totally right. Take off their wings and just look at their bodies and you'll get it. Or just watch the butterfly episode from SpongeBob, lol.

  12. Ginelle Wright says

    Kmft tell yuh bout stupid people….kylie fool nuh bomboclaat.

  13. Yvonne Taylor says

    She's the on;y one who has the same fear as me lol everyone makes fun of me for it

  14. ellengeary 3 says

    Yep, the world now knows that butterflies are the DEVIL'S SPAWN.

  15. Giorgio Melis says


  16. Antonia Luisa says

    i am terrified of butterflies !!! so i totally understand where Kyile is coming from

  17. Jennifer Hardman-Pederson says

    My friend has a completely irrational fear of lady bugs

  18. Francesca P. says

    I also have a fear of butterflies,I totally get her.

  19. joaquina arguello says

    If we take off the plastic out of her, she is not that "beautiful".

  20. Maegan Giltug says

    Kylie ain't special. My cousin is scared of them too.

  21. Jess Ames says

    She is so into herself it is ridiculous TV show really I thought she's worried about is putting herself out there and the light she don't care about her fans or the guys who chase her

  22. Shady Beebo says


  23. Gabie and Lily besties says

    Why are they making their own TV show to make money . the shows are boring they only add drama to make it more interesting

  24. Jayden says

    i fr thought i was the only one scared of butterflies lol

  25. Linda says

    I love butterflies

  26. Veronica Leon says

    I actually do hate too butterflies, I HATE THEM

  27. Mariam Hamza says

    Ground-breaking news????

  28. Ellen Mcqueen says

    There kinda ugly in the middle

  29. Swati Shaiwalini Kujur says

    please some reviews about Taylor's "…Ready for It?"

  30. Andrea Lopez says

    Sooo dookie

  31. That One Dude says

    What a pussy bitch

  32. henk de jong says


  33. sheepilyyy says

    I used to be scared of butterflies

  34. Just a Burnette says

    lol im afraid of butterflies too,sometimes.I thought i was the only one.

  35. BRE LAY says

    One of my teachers are scared to death of butterflies. One day znother teacher thought it was a good idea to leave a butterfly with a broken wing on ber desks. As soon as she saw it she ran for the door and jumped over a student

  36. Nuri C says

    I hate butterflies too hahaha

  37. Ok Ok says

    Flying cunts

  38. My boyfriend has the worst fear if butterflies. It's quite funny.

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