Taylor Swift – Blank Space


Best of Taylor Swift: https://goo.gl/VDukmT Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/Hbwjg6 Watch Taylor’s new video for “Blank Space”. No animals, trees, automobiles or actors were harmed in the…

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  1. roxas404 says

    20 vestidos literalmente ente para 3 minutos de canción

  2. ANONYMOUS Korean says

    Sean O'prý

  3. Céleste Odair says

    this video is the best that I see !

  4. Ashley Mattson says

    I'm an old fashion person who likes bonnie Tyler as a singer lol But Tbh.. Taylor swift is pretty good.. The more I Hear

  5. Chie Yamano says

  6. Karina Morales Quiroz says

    wow Taylor

  7. Carbon-5- ber says

    the shelby!!

  8. DarkRuins says

    greatest song ever written.

  9. Alison Deane says


  10. Aabrar Ahmed says

    anyone in feb 2018

  11. Oppo Anik says

    Amazing song.

  12. Zara O says

    She is beautifull 25/2/2018

  13. Cesar Bravo says

    Song favorita ❤❤❤

  14. Wow Who knew says

    You stole Bart Bakers plot

  15. keith hottinger says

    Taylor is amazingly beautiful but a succubus though.

  16. MSP.Sweet says


  17. Wiktoria Szczurowsks says

    I kinda feel sorry for that guy when she brakes his car

  18. Crystal Ward says

    I love this song

  19. Corinne Murphy says

    I love it

  20. Corinne Murphy says

    Good job

  21. Steeven Khalifa says

    2018 anyone ?

  22. Moos Zugmoo says

    I Love this Song ❤️

  23. Alic Baldwin says


  24. Mario Monroy says

    que musica tan chilera

  25. THIAGO Q D O says

    February 2018?

  26. jaritza lima says


  27. tombo K says

    U came to my birthday party love Gracelyn to Taylor swift

  28. The 6 of Us says


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