Ariana Grande – Everyday ft. Future


Everyday ft. Future (Official Video) Taken from the album Dangerous Woman Song Available Here: Connect with Ariana:…

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  1. Aliza Baig says

    im addicted to this song. help.

  2. Eirini Michailidi says

    i don't like musick video kiss

  3. Pam Clark says

    I love it when a woman gives it to me everyday with passion

  4. Pam Clark says

    Bobby W. weeks loves to make love with passion

  5. Arianaszoned says

    Proud of you.

  6. Rachael Hooker says

    It’s been forever Ariana.

  7. Sleeping Husky says

    Why do I hear dogs barking at the 2nd chorus and the "La la la la la la lahh" part?

  8. Ryan Silva says


  9. Clark Stripling says

    Be mine and also I want you

  10. Markayla Session says

    So nasty

  11. Lynn sucrette says

    Ariana q te pasó??? donde éstas??

  12. Jenny Lopez says

    1:24 is me was my face like o.o the whole video lol xD

  13. Jenny Lopez says

    the face of the black dudes tho XD

  14. Space Donut says

    I love you ariana grande just by thinking if a met you my eyes will water your very talented YOUR THE BEST i love you soooooooo much and youll be never forge-tin because your sweet kind talented and beautiful. you will always be loved bye.

  15. #Charlie boy says

    Sobrang ganda ni ariana Grande

  16. WH William says


  17. Justachanel lol says

    Wtf is dis

  18. sonia s. says

    Sponsored by Everyday

  19. Abdullah Susam says


  20. Sage says

    who's waiting sadly for ariana for almost one year?

  21. Maria Benkova says

    ти си най тъпата певица на целият свяят

  22. Aubrianna Braddy says

    OMG I wish Colleen ballinger would make a video as Miranda reacting to this video lmao btw I love this song

  23. Mini-golden-kids TV says

    jacket by Karl Kani, 350$

  24. Undyn The undying fish stick says


  25. ARIANA GRANDE update ag4 says

    Tomorrow is one year sense see released the music video for everyday

  26. Natka 620 says

    Where are youu ARI? ♡♡♡

  27. GoLdEn PaNoS says



  28. Marine Gautier says


  29. Persephone Barden says


  30. K M says

    Make another song. I love your songs. Its been like 1 year 12 months since you make a song

  31. lps cutey pie says

    Porn alert!!! Ariana take this off

  32. It Your Boy Azeah says

    it good song but the video is porn

  33. Nicole Guidi says

    N vai lançar mais?

  34. Yod Kurt says

    Did you stop with songs

  35. Zelda zoowegi says

    Lots of making out

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