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  1. m a says

    Oh that song at the end is so fitting. Gave me goose bumps ✨.. love ur videos and keep em coming

  2. Quân Nguyễn Minh says

    I love Taylor Swift and THAT IS IT ☺️

  3. Mercurial Pierrot says

    Why do people feel the need to have every public person shout their opinions to the world…it's weird.

  4. Itz_Makkk Z says

    Listen, WHATEVER your name is, I’m ashamed that black people share the same race as you. Seriously. You 100% support Trump. “Don’t exclude cis white men” well guess what, THIS ISNT ABOUT THEM. Yeah, we’re taught that all lives matter but that’s not what our society is showing at all, so you need to remind people. I saw that you liked a comment of someone saying that the blm movement was simply black People saying they hate whites, when it’s far for it. It was made to protest the blatant brutality that YOUR race experiences, weather it be being shot by a police officer or not being offered a job because they filled in “African American” on the application. It’s shameful how you would defend racists but would be DEAD SILENT if a poc gets racism pushed on them. For someone who’s apart of that to just turn away from it and degrade something so important like that is terrible. Unsubscribed from you and everyone like you.

  5. Mina Chilcott says

    Yes, you explain this so well.

  6. Queen Slayer says

    100,000 subs honest

  7. Cloudberry says


  8. SuperBranman011 says

    Wow, I love when I hear my notifications ring for a video from “Honest”

  9. JHope watches nisekoi says

    can you do a video about tyler the creator or kali uchis

  10. Emily xo says

    yeah she's not perfect but seriously she's just a human being. a pretty and successful one so people like to tear her down. she's on top so she's a huge target.

  11. Perri Mccall says

    It’s not her fault she’s apart of white feminism!

  12. brooke the trash can says

    this video means everything to me. being a huge fan of taylor, so many people throw these kind of arguments at me saying why she is fake and and a fake feminist, but this explains perfectly why they are wrong. thank you, thank you, thank you for this. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. People shouldn’t be forced into speaking out on their political views regardless their gender. And people shouldn’t get hate for stating their political views. Case closed

  14. Cat Merchant says

    Also want to honourably mention Macklemore's song "white privilege" and Emma Watson

  15. kay. says

    i’m not even a fan of her, but the people getting angry about her not sharing her political views is so dumb.

  16. aprocrastinatoreader _ says

    im kinda apolitical as well especially in my asian country

  17. Hey Its me says


  18. Yandere Otaku says

    4:04 meaning of being dumb

  19. Quaketh says

    Checkout my most recent post

  20. Panic! At The Swifties says

    Taylor's never been one to talk about politics, even before she was internationally famous. I don't get why people are only bothered by it now.

  21. Brianna Lee says

    I love Taylor for being quiet about her political opinions! Agree with everything in this video!

  22. I am Blank says


  23. I am Blank says

    It's 2018, and people are looking for her political views this is why America is sinking.

  24. Ayyitzthisgirl ! says


  25. MegaEpic KiwiMaster says

    hollywoods eLIGHTS

  26. Sarah G. says

    I think it's really smart that she didn't speak up but people saying she's a trump supporter and using it as a reason to hate her are wrong. There is evidence she voted for Hillary, you just have to look for it. She was in an Instagram post with her friends and the caption was #imwithher (which was Hillary's campaign slogan) and she submitted a question to Hillary Clinton while she was doing a q & a on Ellen during the election.

  27. Monica Mezzich says

    you are king omg ily

  28. norminahsharmony says

    Can you do a why I don’t like a Camila Cabello vid you did one for 5h

  29. chimmy yeung says


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