Justin Bieber Shows Off His Hockey Skills For Selena Gomez


Wednesday, November 15, 2017 – Selena Gomez has her puppy in tow as she supports Justin Bieber at his hockey game in Van Nuys, CA. Bieber, who wears #73, can be seen making plays on the ice…

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  1. Erik Garvin says

    I hope Jelena happens to but give them some privacy

  2. Zevnn says

    Justin so calm

  3. AlexDragonMagic says

    The paparazzi is annoying as hell back off omg

  4. Indira Lenguela says


  5. Kuan Yung says

    Why still need to show off they are already together

  6. judith lopez says

    like its stupied why would you ask Justin are you back with selena if you know he will not respond like.

  7. Alina Salvator says

    Those paparazzi are so annoying tbh ! Just leave them alone for god Sake

  8. Leilanne gamer says


  9. B. Smith says

    Omg….please do not "confirm it" Move onto something new…..let the past stay in the past……fond memories.

  10. jelless says

    Seriously have you never seen a Canadian on ice skates before?

  11. natsumi dragneel says

    I hate those people taking so much people like srsly don't they no what privacy is all up in justin face like they want to blind him or sum all u hearing is click click click. Poor people can't even see. They taking like 30 pics per minute

  12. GOLD HACKER says


  13. Silvia Mendes says

    Guys u guys are rude. Obviously Justin doesn’t want ppl flashing their cameras at them. Those light are bad for ur eyes. They are humans too. They need some space. And Justin just put his hand on that guy, he did not push him. Only that bitch pretended that Justin “pushed” him. Like bro seriously

  14. MBstudios says

    guys you have to leave them alone you are making them reakky annoyed.

  15. Justine L says

    Oh my god grow tf up just leave them alone stop fucking pressuring them can a couple just be left a alone let them have their privacy for god sake the only reason they probably didn't confirm it was because the publicity they would get

  16. Infinite Vibes says

    OMG THEY WERE IN PANORAMA?!?! LOL i practically live there and used to always skate at the ice ring! bummer i didn't see them!

  17. Selena&Demi Queens says

    Lol Selena’s like stop taking a Picture of me It’s so bright gosh would you stop that

  18. yhkojhg

  19. Josiah A says

    watching your videos really made me realize how shit you paparazzi people are. Fucking annoying I'd honestly blow up in their faces. All the fucking questions over and over again and the constant flashing. Get a life

  20. Madison Heath says

    I don’t know how Justin keeps his cool I would throw all their cameras that shit is annoying and I’m not even there.

  21. Madison Heath says

    Selena said please like leave them alone god damn

  22. Spooky Mumbles says

    Is there anything Justin Bieber can't do

  23. Tania slepets says

    It's PRIVATE PROPERTY STUPID PEOPLE! Justin your doing amazing

  24. Alessandra silva says

    Alessandra silva músicas

  25. dogerock55 mynamejeff says

    i dont like justin i think selena gomez is better eith weekend but if she wants jb i dont care

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