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  1. Ben Thrasher says

    ell, no man she is freakn flat, shes a young britney.

  2. Miranda Mullins says

    Man I swear stupid people shes old enough to take care of her self and don't be gettin mad over her pictures who ever put this on here your the one looking at them. So fuck u get a life

  3. Abdul Ghafar Ghafar says

    Not virgin

  4. Molly Mojo says

    Every one knows shes not a goog girl

  5. Amanpreet Singh says

    She needs to go fuck herself

  6. aaxRam says

    Pfft, we've all know she isn't and never will be.

  7. Sad Teen says

    bc she is sexy doesn't mean that she is not good girl…she is very good person and i wish all of us like Miley…she has the most beautiful soul in the world..fu

  8. Zoya Mahmood says

    She not bad

  9. Evgenios Megas says

    its uploaded in 2010
    when people were still moral

  10. Chayton0000127 says

    Her boobs look like fly bites lol can't spell it lol

  11. Edwin Del Cid says

    show your but

  12. princess sarragozza says

    It's you're

  13. Emily Bruh says


  14. Opal777 says

    Ur right shes no good girl shes a bad girl

  15. Mytesha Mcclain says

    She's used to be so nice and she still is but…….
    She's changed. I liked her when she was Hannah Montana now that she's miely she so fast and took beauty to grown up I lovers her little.

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