Beyoncé – 7/11


BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition. Available on iTunes: Available on Amazon: Box Set includes : 2 New Tracks . 4 New Remixes . 10 Live…

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  1. Ajal K says

    Eeewww sick video

  2. Rachel Villegas says


  3. Tempra Knox says


  4. Tempra Knox says

    at 2:54 she was starin into space

  5. Sheina says

    2018 ♥ Beyonce

  6. Melissa Croteau Nobili says
  7. nightshift142 says

    How are you gonna cheat on Beyonce??????

  8. Royden MSP says

    from 2018 And 0:19 She does the Pennywise Dance XD I Guess PennyWise Is a Fan of Beyonce Who would of known XD

  9. eshani yardi says

    y’all really corny with that illuminati shit. Look at her so adorable and gorgeous.

  10. Jared Kevin says

    Bee style exercises, haha!

  11. Darlene Hunley says

    Why do I feel like she was drunk

  12. Jeremiah Myrick says


  13. Jeremiah Myrick says


  14. Jeremiah Myrick says


  15. Jeremiah Myrick says

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  16. Jocelyn Flores says

    she truely is a queen

  17. _Jynx _ says

    why tf is her shirt censored

  18. mama taylor says

    2:37…..yeah she drunk

  19. Anthony Mayo says

    Taylor swift has the best music of all time

  20. msmoe1006 says

    JayZ cheated on her. Ain’t no safe from strange defeat!

  21. I love slugs says

    It’s 7:11pm right now

  22. fzerowipeoutlover says

    Big Gulps can't melt tooth enamel.
    Beyonce did 7/11!

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