Jay Sean ft. Justin Bieber and Boys Like Girls – “All Or Nothing” OUT NOW on iTunes USA & UK


Jay Sean “All Or Nothing” OUT NOW on iTunes UK click here http://bit.ly/1DjTVt and in HMV, Play.com and ALL GOOD RETAILERS. OUT NOW on iTunes USA click here http://bit.ly/8UEy0Q Jay Sean,…

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  1. meenal722 says

    JAY. FREAKING. SEAN. BITCHES. JEEEEZZZ His accent is just fucking seducing

  2. MissRhaif4 says

    i think his happy seein' girls screaming for him hahah
    any way he's cute <3

  3. 786lilmizzsunshine says

    haha they are all soo cutee <3

  4. 786lilmizzsunshine says

    @greatestever23100 lol thats a phone

  5. Ohsnapitzleah says

    "my ears aint f-ed up yet but"

  6. Seby ForYou says

    todo iba bien hasta k aparecio el ñiñato ese de justino!!!!!

  7. Aqilah Ha says

    Oh, Martin <3 it looks like he's trying to bully Justin.. as a big brother. Aww so cute <3

  8. TheSbtbsm says

    lol the ending was hillarious

  9. Chris Pearce says

    Justin is so cute and unaware of his surroundings ^_^ <3

  10. enashamza x says

    love how they just take the mick out of him xD

  11. Esmie Sean says

    @jb1239777 yes

  12. juanito16824 says

    @faneverythingawesome are u saying that jay sean sucks ?????

  13. rajat rao says

    jay sean <3 lov u man <3 ur adorable <3

  14. mcdelive says

    Is Jay Sean a Paki?

  15. Viktren says

    @mcdelive no, he's indian

  16. Tia k says

    wait people in america knew who jay sean was 2 years ago?

  17. Kate :p says

    @greatestever23100 its a flip phone

  18. Sheena Chou says

    jay sean is so cute <3 !!! LMAO!

  19. GriG RM says


  20. Luis Ramirez says

    I like jay seam more then jb

  21. Satanic Gaming says

    justin is just a dick,…fuckin hate this annooying guy…..jay sean looks a way better than that piece of shit

  22. Kendall1337 says

    @greatestever23100 hahah i was gonna write that but then i saw yours

  23. DJPASCARDA says

    justin bieber got caught out he dont change his underwaer

  24. juanito16824 says

    no Jay Sean with justin

  25. juanito16824 says

    : )

  26. juan1000806 says


  27. Amrit Kaile says

    I want to hear Jay Sean and Justin Bieber do a song together. It would be amazing. n Jay Sean is PUNJABIII! Just like me. <3

  28. PlatinumRomance says

    Realized he was going to walk into an elevator full of girls…not a good idea lol

  29. PlatinumRomance says

    P.S Beiber gets killed on an episode of Southpark and its too funny

  30. Xjaggerx22 says

    Watch my videos tipe Angie Giannino singing I'm 14 years old

  31. Ophélie Moulard says

    i looked at this video just for Martin of BLG <3

  32. Ketan Nainwal says

    Jay sean not bieber

  33. KUSHTEA says

    haha JS rippin on JB

  34. sabrina bambina says

    girls like me that's a fact
    ow really ! i'm a girl and i fucking hate the shit out of u –'

  35. Louise Paepe says

    I love martin ;d

  36. Jonathan Rocha says

    I don't like you guys…I change my underwear…It was funny..

  37. Betty Martinez says

    Girls do like me that's a fact:) ohhh Justin x)

  38. CriminalMindsGirl94 says

    it just falls into place!
    Jay cracks me up!

  39. pragyan vlog says

    bingo combinasn….aiiiiichii

  40. Cluide Seven says

    got a new crush jay sean

  41. meriouma Mimi says

    ya true

  42. meriouma Mimi says

    justin doesn't even deserve to stay next to jay seann.,!

  43. schwartzy business says

    Martin johnson!!! He is awesome. I love boys like girls 😀

  44. zakir bashir says

    haha…Good to see this cuz Bieber is nothin but a shit in front of Jay Lub u man Sean

  45. sara Lodi says

    watching in 2016

  46. Menem Dannoun says

    this is funny

  47. Adnan khan says

    Justin b. sounds different in 2009 I'm in 2016

  48. CASY WARNER says


  49. CASY WARNER says


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