KUWTK | Kris Jenner Receives Emergency Call From Kendall | E!


Kendall Jenner calls her mother in a panic during one of her anxiety attacks. Hear how Kris comforts her panicking daughter on “KUWTK”. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Eentsub About Keeping Up With…

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  1. marissa jensen says

    Kendall is so boring.

  2. Elina Herrera says

    I recently started getting panic attacks and anxiety. I also have post partum depression. I completely understand Kendall! It’s not an easy thing to deal with but I wish her the best❤️

  3. Darling Santana says

    I don’t care what people say or think about Kris Jenner, but she is the Bomb! She is there for each one of her kids, it’s like she is a Super Woman!

  4. LuluWeeklyDIY says

    Am I the only one who thinks Kris was trying to talk Kendall out from reaching out to her Dad?

  5. Gorgonio Medina says

    Its so heartbreaking to hear when someone says, "I dont feel well, and I dont know what's wrong".

  6. Ray G. says

    Like, like , like….

  7. Tutaawa Pewhairangi says

    Okay can I just say she really needs to grow up and stop moaning like bruhh stop going back to you're mum with excuses jeeeeez

  8. Nick Yad says

    Queen of WHORDASHIANS show.

  9. Andrew Persaud says

    Try eating more kendall. Anyone who ever calorie deprives for a long period of time knows that anxiety and panic attacks will take over your life. Her body is going into shock begging her for food. There is nothing else wrong with her.

  10. JesusHatesMe says

    ‘Dad’s’? Caitlyn?

  11. Mr Lazy says

    Is Kendall a drama queen or something serious

  12. narel narel says

    She probably has a nutritional problem

  13. I got mad social anxiety its really hard cuz it ruins your life

  14. Isa Shisha (aka Isa's Pieces) says

    seriously?? WHO puts this pressure on her? WHO says she HAS to go to all these places without time to rest or relax? get the girl an ativan and a joint lol

  15. Dajia Star says

    This poor woman and her many kids, LMAO. They are all so dramatic and she carries all their burdens on her shoulders. No matter what people say, she's still a mother of six, a daughter, sister, and grandmother to eight, and she loves every single one of them. Kris bends over backwards for her kids just so they can smile or say, "I feel so much better." that's her goal everyday.

    Also lets be honest, Kendall's old pictures compared to now….she's lost some weight and probably doesnt eat as much (Kris asked, did you eat), then Kris had to bite her tongue in explaining to kim what the problem was ("she's–..doesn't feel well, she's not sure what it is"). I had a body image situation in high school and I always had anxiety because i was afraid of passing out from not eating. You literally feel like you're going to die, especially when you start shaking and you get light headed. Eat kendall, curves are in now, you will still be a great high paying model.

  16. Cristal Arguelles says

    God loves you. He covers all. He fill you would with peace and love. Ask him into your life today.

  17. Ζωή Λιοσάτου says

    I actually feel bad for Kendall, because the last months i've experienced the worst anxiety attacks! It's not so easy to bring peace in your mind. You always feel that something brings you down… but FOR SURE you put away the toxic people (like Kim).. who believe that you are just pretending the drama queen.. It's not that easy!!!! Always talk with positive people . Step by step you can make it

  18. Alex Stewart says

    It’s because her family shadow is so huge for her to have her own light. I bet she feel pressured all time even when she working as a model. Poor Kendall

  19. Alessandro Fabbro says

    Plastic ganna ran out soon ok

  20. vickivb22 says


  21. lyfic says

    idk if it's just how they edited the clips but Kim just seems so mean here. like??? Kendall is allowed to call her mom?

  22. Witch's Brew Sims says

    Kendall maybe ASMR would help

  23. Sierva Sanchez says

    Dios las ama Kardashians

  24. PowerofAwesome says

    This girl is just pathetic

  25. Sonny Skye says

    No one cares.

  26. Macario Patrick says

    The government puts chemicals in the water. Everyone suffers from anxiety.

  27. Shonny Gogetter says

    SLEEP! Fatique and lack of SLEEP is a trigger. STRESS and having a billion things going on triggers it. Lack of proper nutrition (especially MAGNESIUM) IS A TRIGGER. take MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENTS!
    Drama and gossip and even family being judgemental or even them going through' can trigger anxiety taking on other's that we love, problems, is not really good for us, because many people with anxiety are 'emos' or emotionally/sensual 'feely' type of people and when we love we LOVE hard and thus we can become sensitive and when things hurt or affect people we love…we take on their pain and if we cant 'fix' their pain and hurt we feel seriously BAD and we usually imagine the worst case scenario happening to them or us and BOOM there goes a trigger.
    I can write a book about this.
    When youre having an attack
    soft jazz instruments or classical music…or watch like little innocent babies on youtube or like old star lite star brite or care bears cartoons or my little pony..bright colors and lights innocence coloring books etc ALL helps to rebuke the negative energy.
    Also think of something funny# Avoid darkness dark lights etc..Dont over think nor take your self too serious..laugh at your self and say your name and ask yourself 'wtf are you worried about dude?' and lol @ yourself!
    Dont smoke weed it is a MAJOR TRIGGER.

  28. malissa prieto says

    If Kendall doesn't like the drama to trigger her anxiety then why does she harass sofia Richie online?

  29. Some Things In Life says

    Keeping up with the Drama Queens……Inspiring a generation of girls to be useless sluts.

  30. Chloe o' callaghan says

    Kim should have a bit more understanding and more of a head on her shoulders because she suffered from anxiety after the robbery so it's disrespectful on her part. What I do appreciate is the show giving us an insight into what it's like to live with anxiety as long as Kendall feels okay for that to be happening. I know that they have a contract but it's a health issue and should be taken into consideration along with the person suffering from it.

  31. Mr allstar says

    poor kendall

  32. Diana Best says

    She really needs to go to church and PRAY huge keys…. turn to God not your mum or family!!!!

  33. Jennifer Perez says

    Could be m.r.s.a. do a nose swab and if she has ulcers definitely test her for it. Could be Addison disease, Could be graves disease, hyperthyroidism. Could be a systematic super bug infection called candida albacans which likes honey btw so does m.r.s.a. and cancer look up who should and shouln't eat honey. Could be mental illness but they have to test for everything and M.R.S.A. won't show up in blood test. When I did my hospital time back in 2011 a lot of the patients coming in with severe anxiety or anger episodes had liver problems either too much of something being produced most of the time by the liver. After what I saw in the emergency room I optioned for a different career path, also there is a bunch of infections at the hospital super health high risk for contamination always change and wash your clothes in hot water right after you wore them at the hospital immediately after you get home you don't want to have a super bug. And wash you're hand after you do hand sanitizer because the alcohol on your hands is what Candida feeds on that and sugars on your skin. Better yet wear gloves even for doing laundry or house chores.

  34. Skylion says

    Relatable. Now I get why she acts and gets called "hypersensitive" all the time.

  35. holiday 2406 says

    Kris needs to back off on Kendall….i don't think Kendall is cut out to be as famous as Kris wants…..She needs to have a quiet every day job….out of the spotlight….poor kid.

  36. Geraldine Braxton says

    Why does Kendall do that for a living when it is just punishment? You would think her own mother would want her to be stable.

  37. CaresOW says

    Its cuz she is a victoria secret modell and they never eat lol dude

  38. SpaceBunGirl 1 says

    I wish I could hug Kendall through the screen and say everything is ok and she is an amazing person

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