Did Selena Gomez Catch Bieber & Kendall in Bed? Miley Cyrus Bisexual? Rumor Patrol


More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Did Selena Gomez catch Justin Bieber in bed with Kendall Jenner? Is Miley Cyrus bisexual? All this & more on today’s Rumor Patrol….

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  1. Edvelin Cumbicos says

    I'm sorry to bother me at least one more thing to remember that you can also be able of my own personal information or otherwise protected with my friends are in

  2. TheRealLeoBoy says

    Omg JB and Selena could of been together but her mum said "back off"

  3. Yasmin Fernandes says

    srsly, who cares if Miley is bissexual? Just let her be ugh

  4. SuperLarki1 says

    ok I love JELENA and pls don't make fun of me and we should all know in Justin and Selena heart they still love each other deeply

  5. Ari R says

    selena and gomez hooked up like bi

  6. D.O.A DOA says

    Miley was with Katy Perry

  7. -A damn says

    to Selena 'don't cry because it's over, smile because his new girlfriend looks like a sloth'

  8. UnicornGalaxy5 says

    They should get back together!!!!!!

  9. Jazi Rigo says

    Kendal jenner ribi

  10. Mya Pie says

    Demi lovato

  11. Edvelin Cumbicos says

    SELENA Gomez Justin Binder the we can have we x dp training sorry Kylie ready myself bytes n MySpace we x try she just her previous sorry Kylie a lovely couple. sorry Kylie a lovely couple.

  12. Ganymedes Diary * says

    what's up with these models acting like they're A- list actors or singers.Kendall your Kim's sister that's it,when you first started the only thing that distinguishes you from the other dime-a-dozen models is that your Kim's sister. realize that! stand there and look pretty and shut the f**** that's why models have to date rappers! she looks all goody-two-shoes and she needs a guy with dreadlocks bouncing around her. new boyfriend and her look ridiculous together..

  13. Diamond Simpson says

    selena did not make out with miley please people

  14. what is wrong with kendall?

  15. Nicole Gaming says

    That seems like selena and btw jelena got caught in a hotel having- you know what

  16. LPS Diss Productions says


  17. kylehanna242 says

    oh yes did

  18. kylehanna242 says

    of course justin would put his hands on any girl in this world selena kendall hailey arina grande

  19. PS3 Better be me says

    fuck you heni

  20. PS3 Better be me says


  21. Sak Pret says



    Selene make up ramous and love to dissed Justin metal issues just like her mother

  23. Marcia Kganane says

    hate Kendal

  24. •RaiOfSunShine• says

    Came back from one year ago or so since I watched this and looking at the Miley Cyrus part of the title I was like hah she's def bi haha and no signs of being strait asf.

  25. Renee Willis says

    Yeah he did cause there are other bitches out there that are bad

  26. Cathy Newman says

    I keep hearing Bieber and Kendal but really it's Kortney and Bieber she likes to take advantage of younger men or boys, Is she having an age crisis try dating men your own age, As you can see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Momager is good at getting work for the girls but she really sucks at mothering, She should have taught those girls some selfrespect, All they teach our young girls on that reality show is how to use your body to get what you want in life, infidelity is another thing there all screwing each others ex's, This show should be taken off the Air.

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