Miley Cyrus NUDE!!! – ETC


Just as we were about to forget about Miley’s awful twerking, she goes ahead and gets naked in her new music video. This is just the latest in the devastating path of Mileynado. Watch Miley…

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  1. MightyBearJew says

    Right because this channel clearly focuses on politics and things of that nature mostly…



  3. norreko says

    reminds me of the "BRITTANY WATCH" that would pop up when stan and his dad were watching tv xD when is says "MILEYNADO" HAHAHAH xD

  4. sieghart37 says

    alrighty then! ew

  5. zombiedeutsch says

    lol ur true jim carrey

  6. Leonardo David says

    my dick clicked me here

  7. Kevin Leon says

    where the U.S shouldnt be getting involved in

  8. Tony Aristeidou says

    is that an 'ACAB' cap?If so i love him even more.

  9. sam lane says

    dreams really do come true! all i need now is a flying cyberborg tiger, 5 nukes and a mansion with female pornstar servants.

  10. ThePsychoticPenguin says

    Who the fuck would let that slut host SNL.

  11. Trinityk7s says

    I just want to do her…Open monologue -I see what you did there 😉

  12. Joel Clark says

    She should make a sex tape :'')

  13. EveryDé Games says

    She needs a man clearly.

  14. speebyda says

    Oh so he should talk about Syria? This is Machinma not CNN. Trying to hard to be political here. I want to know about world news I watch Australian ABC, and do. This is YouTube what do you expect idiot?

  15. codafett says


  16. JonnytheMiner says

    boob tan 🙂

  17. James B says

    Yes but no one wants to be depressed by the thought of the next war… Would you rather have riots in the streets, or people getting caught up with stupid media shit about Miley Cyrus?

  18. LordRyan100 says

    I wonder how much bath salt she does?

  19. Firstly, your grammar is terrible. Secondly you are not anonymous on youtube as your I.P. address and location are logged by several servers, and recorded by local intelligence agencies. Also, just because someone said or drew something about your so called prophet is no excuse to be a dick. Remember this when they arrest you.

  20. TastyJams says

    wonder what billy thinks…

  21. So you just dick around the internet insulting the memory of the victims of 9/11 AND you have something against gays too? You must be a brave lad sat behind your keyboard picking all these fights with people. Trust me, insult enough people and eventually it will catch up with you. People get arrested for talking shit online all the time. And I'm pretty sure you would not be so quick to insult gays in person, you would probably get your head smashed in by a huge drag queen.

  22. XSomeLoser says

    STOP GIVING MILEY CYRUS ATTENTION!! Talk about something we care about!

  23. ZombieMonkey7 says

    Go play the GTA V paparazzi missions, then go watch this. I hope you have now realized that this news is complete garbage and just as shallow as Miley Cyrus

  24. Rafael Oliveira says

    Miley's clip only show that she likes big balls!

  25. Aegerus says

    I like the fact, that some animators put a bit of clothed ass on the video and make it maybe a TIIINY bit sexual and their video gets pulled off. And then there's people like Miley Cyrus, who actually get supported on posting videos like she did. This world…

  26. SpecterSt says

    I'm kind of sad about Miley, she used to be a respected individual and most importantly "Selfrespected" but now the only thing she seems to wanna do is ruin the dreams of her "Former" fans which were mostly teenage girls by humiliating herself to show how grown and independent she is….Which she could have done in a more respectable way instead of losing all of her dignity.Please reply if you think otherwise, i wanna hear your opinions

  27. IAm Shan says

    What is wrong with Miley..why is she doing this..:(

  28. Ty C says

    Or worse, bend over in front of the Camera.

  29. mellowb1rd says

    Why do we have to get 100 videos all about the exact same "story" on all these Youtube networks, all presented by irritating pretty-boys with the character and presence of a peeled potato? In fact, why is Google selling Youtube to these networks piece by piece, anyway? The end is nigh, folks.

  30. mellowb1rd says

    New iPhone, Miley Cyrus, GTA 3…When did young people become so retarded? Or is it just the kids you see on the internet who spend their days reading about spoiled celebrities and sitting on their obese asses, playing with expensive toys.

  31. BLOODBATH9998 says

    while dont give a shit about people dying in syria fucking kids wanna shove those iphones up their obessse filthy asses and bomb their houses holy shit society really went down the drain if u see people listenin to miley virus that snorts coke and is on crack LOOL

  32. mellowb1rd says

    I don't care if a musician rapes babies. If they are good, I'll listen to them. I don't care how much coke she puts up her nose. It has nothing to do with the fact that she's a talentless piece of plastic

  33. Jesse Roberts says

    Southpark is ALWAYS right… always..

  34. hamza filali says

    Miley Cyrus is the new celebrity bitch

  35. Josiah bernas says

    October 5th is my bday!!

  36. Zavier Idarraga says

    Fuck you guys, Miley is fu

  37. Zavier Idarraga says

    Fuck you commenters, fuck you, Miley is hilarious and I think she's funny

  38. Hoile T says

    Miley tries so hard to be sexy, but she looks even uglier doing that.

  39. meme says

    I love that khails shirt

  40. Zac Niedzielski says

    Boner kill

  41. Kneegrows says

    She got almost 300m views now… Fking whore!!!

  42. Tyrant says

    Miley Cyrus   • • • • —═デ┳︻

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