Kendall Jenner Reacts To Haters Dissing Her Golden Globes Acne | Hollywoodlife


Kendall Jenner reacts to haters dissing her Golden Globes appearance. Plus – Did Kylie Jenner gain a ton of weight during her pregnancy? Subscribe to Hollywoodlife: …

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  1. Sam Smitten says

    how the hell do you know she gained 60 pounds and how shes feeling…..whos sharing this info? Guess Kylie needs to find more loyal people to be around with.

  2. mahalia crites says

    0:3 well duh

  3. Mia Nielsen says

    I think the baby is a stunt

  4. knowlight knowright says

    This is a classic MTF wake up America!!!!

  5. Maaike de Vries says

    she cant wait to give birth to go and party again???? wtf? you mean party is over she is a mom now

  6. Kaz Poole says

    Kendall Jenner is just yet another transgender Illuminati Hooker. Just like he she it's so called sisters. Bunch of lying deceiving scum bags. Kendall is a fucking man parading as a women.

  7. HollywoodLife says

    Everyone who has been hating saying we're wrong about the pregnancy, we hope when the baby arrives next month you guys will give us some credit and subscribe. Our sources on this are excellent and we are POSITIVE she is with child. It'll be here next month.

  8. saima cookie says

    U guys r paid only the news u got abt us Jenner and etc suck it up and get life fuck u and ur necessary story of the day

  9. Alisa Karter says

    Kendall is the prettier sista honestly ylie looks terrible w/ blonde hair and esp BIG LIPS big mistake.

  10. Jennifer Bosch says

    The Kardashian/jenner's are so insecure of there bodies…..

  11. Jade Welch says

    Us women are now saying “men aren’t going to put us in our place anymore. They’re definitely not going to get away with any kind of sexual results”…. But women are calling other women ugly, pointing out their acne and are constantly trying bring other women down! We should support each other not be bitches to them!

  12. Andrea’s C Ruiz says

    Stfu red girl

  13. jenny crystal says

    wait 'till March or something when it's revealed that Kylie's not actually pregnant lmao.

    I don't believe she's pregnant. Rumours began back in September, so she must've been 3 months in by then. By now she would be 6 months pregnant, but there are still no photos. There's no way Kylie stayed out of the radar like that for so long.

  14. Miss Grande says

    Ya we are not hating lol but we are talking about how you have NO proofs really if she is pregnant then I don't really care but we are Sayeg no you have no proof.

  15. Cordelia Mae says

    Kendall finally cracked and got her lips done after all..

  16. tbh i dont see much difference in her lips it isn't effecting her face a lot too, but still i would've preferred if she stayed natural

  17. Konad B says

    Why are haters hate the Kardashian/Jenner? What did they ever do to them?
    If they are not your favourite then don’t watch or follow them.
    Regarding plastic surgery, they are not the only one.
    This is just pure jealous. Sad sad sad.

  18. Carlos Pelewin says

    yasss queen yassss
    Yassss queeenniee

  19. Carlos Pelewin says

    I wish she never got fillers 🙁
    Kris got plastic surgery,
    Bruce got transgenic surgery
    Kourtney got boob fillers
    Khloe got boob fillers too
    Kim got ass AND a nose job,and boob fillers
    Kylie got lip injections,ass and tit fillers
    And now Kendall has lip injections :(((

  20. Sarah Melody says

    I'm glad Kylie hates her pregnant body. She has no talent and was born in to money…she can handle a little weight gain.

  21. MiaTheBritishBullDog says

    You guys where actually right and with the date

  22. Ana-Marija Ja says

    So, why do they have 1mil subs? HL is a bullshit. Dislike button asap

  23. Eunice Francisco says

    And damn, she's right all along.

  24. Simona Nováková says

    Lmao so much shit, doubt anyone is buying it

  25. Once Upon A Blink says

    “ Kylie Jenner has supposedly gained a ton of weight during her pregnancy” well no shit Sherlock she had a baby inside of her and she was producing more breastmilk so she could sustain the child no shit she’s gained weight

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