Kylie Jenner Sexy Dancing & Eating on Snapchat at Event (FULL SNAPCHATS)


Kylie Jenner eating & sexy dancing at her Sinful Colors Nail Polish Launch including mom Kris Jenner and Best Friend Jordyn Wood. (FULL SNAPS) old event.

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  1. âm ânï says

    love you keyle and all the new velvet mat lipgloss

  2. imspice says

    She's actually quite funny.. and her body looks incredible in that grey satin jumpsuit

  3. Kylizzle Snapchizzle says

    btw this is a flashback snap!!

  4. Desean Ross Jr says

    Kylie Jenner she very pretty

  5. Molika Men-Thlang says

    Kylie still rocking tygas ⌚️

  6. michael yacobucci says

    wanted to see how she was so famous and to think she has fans that want to watch her eat lol. this cant be real life, yet here i am bitching about it on a vid i dont like so i dont look any better. thats a double edge sword folks,

  7. Marcela Moraes says

    esse cabelo dela ❤❤

  8. Kay Kay says

    Faaark she's succeeded so badly in looking like kim. Kim must of been her all time biggest role model she actually altered get face butt and boobs just too look like a mini kim.

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