Francia Raisa Reveals PAINFUL Aftermath of Donating Kidney to Selena Gomez


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Back in September, Francia Raisa made headlines when Selena Gomez announced that she had undergone kidney transplant surgery due to…

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  1. My Profile Will Get You Nervous says

    Anybody would give a kidney to Selena Gomez in a heartbeat.

  2. Jazmine Carrillo says

    I would donate if she was my best best friend

  3. lilly lli says

    I am jumping to see Selena Gomez.

  4. Sara Gabreyhones says

    Selena Gomez must have Paid her a lot of money because you cannot live with one kidney

  5. Errika c says

    I thought she looked familiar she played letti (I think, sorry wrong spelling!) on bring it on all or nothing. Wow I can't believe I just realized that

  6. Pamela bianca says

    Selena would definitely not donate her kidney to Francia!

  7. s g says

    Literal definition of bestie goals like my best friend wouldn't even give me gum

  8. Cynthia H. says

    Wow! I didn't know it was Francia Raisa who donated the kidney to Selena Gomez. I love Francia from The Cutting Edge 3. I can definitely see how hard it would be on her to not be active for two months, she is one of my fitness icons.

  9. sal sa says

    What an idiot

  10. Sid Chitale says

    Wow, for once it was Lupus

  11. HAHAHHAHA no. says

    is francia a actrice?

  12. Hlengiwe Zungu says

    I'm glad to finally hear her side

  13. Waleeda Abrahams says

    That was really a act of kindness or was it? This is celebs people.. they would sell anything to be rich and famous probably. Just remember, we don't know these people personally at all. We only follow and spread stories we read from the media. Not liking someone u dont know makes u the messed up person. Stop being haters when u dont know the truth and haven't heard it from the horse's mouth. Entertaining gossip only creates more animosity. Everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion but it doesn't count if u can't back up your story with real truth. If she donated her kidney out of kindness and friendship then she did it for the right reasons and must really love her friend. The fact that selena is enjoying life and not sulking shows she is happy and a real friend would want that for her/his bestie. I love selena and think she has a genuine pure and good heart but that's just my thoughts. I could be completely wrong because I'm a fan and not a relative or personal friend.

  14. Ri Ranjo says

    I love how you know she did what she did out of love and not the attention huhh

  15. Lala Bones says

    i would donate my kidney to my best friend if he need it, but… wheres the money?

  16. Alex Kate says

    WoW I had no idea these two knew each other and I've been a fan of both for a long time

  17. Audrey Grey says

    I would give my best friend my liver, then I realize I don't have one, infact I don't even have friends 🙁

  18. Crystal Cool says

    What if they stop being friends and then Selena will have her kidney..

  19. Alanood A says

    She did it for fame

  20. Chocolate Perfume says

    Now this is called – BFF! Wish I had someone like that..

  21. Chocolate Perfume says

    Y'all stop talking about her getting money for that! She didn't! And she doesn't really need it, she did it to help her bff. There r just a lot of stupid and shitty ppl here!!!!

  22. Rip KimJonghyun you did well. says

    You dont deserve to call your self a selena fan if your sitting around dragging francia.

  23. Sonia S says

    That’s what you call a real best friend like nobody would ever do that for a “friend”

  24. vampire pop says

    I wouldn't do that for anyone! Just for my mother and sister!!! And no one else!

  25. Daniel Alejandro Martinez says

    Mmm I think that it has to be like a REALLY special situation.. and I doubt it

  26. Thya Smith says

    Do you know that a donor kidney only lasts for up to 12 years? 15 at best. Why hasn't anybody talked about that? Selena will have to get a new kidney every 12-15 years if she wants to survive. So she's 25 now. She'll need a new kidney by 37-40 yrs old. Then 52-55 yrs old. Then 67-70 yrs old. Finally 82-85 yrs old. So she'll need four more transplants till her death. Like I said I'm suprised no one is talking about this. Don't believe me. Look up how long a donor kidney lasts. I wouldn't be surprised if she's lying about this. We'll I guess we'll see in 12-15 yrs if she gets another transplant. If not she's a disgusting liar.

  27. Samikshya Dutta says

    Trolls really need to stop saying that francia gave selena her kidney so that she could satisfy JUSTIN BEIBER! I mean how THE FUCK can you all actually make fun of someone's kindness,friendship and disease. Francia did it because she wanted to save her friend's life! Its about life and death and you 'Ratliebers' are bringing justin here and dragging selena and francia for no reason. And then those of you saying " Selena would never give her kidney to someone because she isn't trustworthy" have literally no respect for a woman who was going to die. She didn't even ask anyone to give her a kidney because she cared about them. Francia volunteered for it when she saw selena in pain. YOU HATERS ARE DISGUSTING. PATHETIC AND HAVE NO LIFE AT ALL.

  28. Parish Thompson says

    i dont know.

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