Hannah Montana The Movie – The Climb scena dal film


L’estratto di Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) che canta “The Climb” dal film Hannah Montana The Movie. Il film è disponibile in digital download su iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/it/movie/hannah-m…

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  1. B Wilson says

    is the back up singer Candice Accola

  2. Denise Josiana says

    Who else cried because they miss Hanna Montana

  3. Prestonplayz Minecraft Fan says

    Hope I will not throwback the Happy time When I climb and have many friends

  4. Khirul Islam says

    This is the miley I love ❤️

  5. John Earnest says

    you are a girt sin. I love you so much

  6. John Earnest says

    I wish I was you a star that can sing

  7. Oliwia Mathers says

    2017 still crying

  8. Emilly Pereira says

    Love music

  9. BubbleGum Pop says

    Maybe I'm the only one but I always have those days where I just watch old shows and movies I guess today is that day

  10. Marta rffegzhsis says

    Oi coisa linda

  11. Adam Ohren says

    was this the last ever song or is it me

  12. John MacDowell says

    This song made me cry once ;3;

  13. Larissa Glen says

    that boy is CUTE !!!!!!!!!

  14. Siemaneczko312 says

    And now she is singing Wrecking ball or something…

  15. Marcelo Maktub says

    – Que linda!!!!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆

  16. shayanjane marcelo says

    you're so beautiful miley

  17. Arianna Ottley says

    I love this song

  18. CrispyMilk says

    i used to watch this in the morning while eating breakfast, i remember my little country house with a little tv by the table watching disney every morning <3

  19. Gleydstone Souza says

    love you Hanna

  20. Judy04 FC says

    soy la única que habla español? anuma que sad. :"u

  21. Lois Costta says

    Amo demais

  22. This Guy says

    2017 anyone ?

  23. Captain Majestic says

    She is such a natural beauty. I miss Hannah Montana. The good ol' days.

  24. Agos Garro says

    aguante miley

  25. Kellie Lyn Lareau says

    my favorite I keep singing every every night

  26. Average Kid says

    couldn't there be another Hannah Montana, named Miley, with brown hair and green bright eyes, that GETS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, with a blonde wig, that sings and is AWESOME, that never EVER changed to THE NEW MILEY!!!????, TELL MEH!!, there can still be HopE!!! DDD:

  27. Antonela Aciar says

    amo está canción

  28. sabrina Rodrigues fe says


  29. wowfai ry says


  30. Karolina Rybakowska says

    Piękne kocham tą piosenkę

  31. Emilee Cardani says


  32. golden peacheu says

    we all grew up a little too fast )":

  33. Olivia Suntjens says

    what has miley cyrus done with her life…

  34. Claire Bocar says

    you bet

  35. Asia Griffith says

    When Miley Cyrus was actually appropriate

  36. I'm almost crying but I love this song

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