Beyonce CRASHES Chance The Rapper’s Interview At The 2016 MTV VMAs


More Celebrity News ▻▻ As polite and professional as Beyonce is, she clearly could not resist interrupting Chance the Rapper’s interview with MTV at the…

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  1. The Adventures of Kayleby says

    A waste of my internet!

  2. Ashiya Prowell says

    I would scream then cry and then die…all from happiness and excitement

  3. hellokitty7021 girl says

    I would have died

  4. Nicksagee says

    If Beyoncé walked by me , my hand would already be on my dick

  5. kel m says

    I don't get it …

  6. Taonga Mtonga says

    no freaking ways ah I wud flip …. chance the rapper is soo cute

  7. L! Reed says

    I would have fainted #slayed by the QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tony Junior says

    I would scream in ask beyonce lots of question

  9. truth BEHOLD says

    Priceless reaction, I would have fainted.

  10. Reeecon says

    "I'M ON YOUR ASSss…"

  11. Lina Luv says

    I hope I'd play it cool and be mad chill about it but who knows lmaoo

  12. Anthony SAVAGE says

    0:48 He scared the shit out of the guy in the white shirt im dead asf

  13. doutzen angmohfish says

    1 hug from Bey = Grammy

  14. Ash says

    All these people worshipping her like shes some kind of goddess is cringe. She's just a human, a talented human, but just a human. She fart and poop just like you.

  15. Toffie cat says

    i would scream omg and ask for a autograph

  16. Normal Turtles says

    I would not kill myself


    asked her can I taste that limonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade?!?!?

  18. ma ga says

    in the start why was beyonce's left eye all weird than normal

  19. Taee !! says

    i would have screamed bowed jumped took pictures start singing and dieng all my single laides and man she could of put her finger on me and i would have died

  20. Izabella Ortega says

    If Beyonce walked by me I would just tell everyone that I was blessed by the gods

  21. Kaykee Sam says

    Beyoncé is beautiful ❤️❤️

  22. Andre Spring says

    Beyonce 2020

  23. david salas says

    why they always gotta make it sound negative?

  24. Jasmine Clarke Watson says

    I would die

  25. Auchie Thomas says

    I wudda freak out

  26. Nubia Sherif says

    Um.. Beyoncè interrupting no I don't think so

  27. taeraddy says


  28. taeraddy says

    He was so happy I’m crying

  29. Leo Drayton says

    You gotta be one dumb mf to cheat on a girl like that….oh wait…

  30. Krystal Godiva says


  31. Alisha B says

    she like music she from Houston like Auntie Yonce!!

  32. Ashley Dew says

    I just would have died.

  33. Iggady Poppin says

    Maybe she was tired and just needed a hug… lol

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