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  1. Keith Witcher says

    Nice pictures of Kim Kardashian. She's so hot. I wanna have sex with her. I wish she didn't wear her hair blond sometimes LOL. Her hair looks better black. I wish she didn't marry that retarded loser Kanye West LOL. I don't see her staying with him a long time because he got issues. If she does divorce him in the future, she don't need to get married anymore. She's been married twice. It's sad that her first marriage to NBA basketball player Kris Humphries didn't work out. She should've stayed with NFL football player Reggie Bush. He seems like a nice guy. He's not a attention whore like Kanye West LOL.

  2. Tarinia Doomarenn says

    Kim Kardashian is a shorty.

  3. Mecaylane Plaatjies says

    She looks like somebody I nows

  4. Grace and the unboxing fun says

    20 seconds dat but

  5. Dan McCoy says

    Fake as fuck

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