Selena Gomez – Do It (with Lyrics)


Do It by Selena Gomez From her album “For You” [Tracklist] 1. Heart Wants What It Wants 2. Come & Get It 3. Love You Like A Love Song 4. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know 5. Who Says 6….

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  1. khmer remix says


  2. pinky shaik says


  3. Mundo Teen says

    ♡♡♡♡♡ and ☆☆☆☆☆

  4. ADARSH KUMAR says

    your song is rude
    and people will start saying
    things about you and they will look at you beautiful girl

  5. rashmi kiragi says

    this is soo slow!!

  6. M D says

    i ll show u what i like mohik mohik mohik

  7. Blanca Drenth says

    just a t shirt on eww

  8. cameron dallas says

    só um tiro na sua cara

  9. Selena Galaxyqueen says

    I Love This Song Even If It's About Sex

  10. Vivian Amberville says

    Awesome choice of song! +Liked and Subscribed!

    Would appreciate a comment in return. Stay inspired!

  11. Ardian Bilibashi says

    Favourite part 2:20

  12. Elliehar Elliehar says

    hi.every time people

  13. mimifule says

    this is the real version or this is modified for copyright ?

  14. Deepa Manoranjanie says

    Nice song,I love it

  15. Rejaul Mollick says

    awesome song
    and Selena is an superb singer

  16. Rejaul Mollick says

    I love this song

  17. adrian likatu says

    Damn.its 2017 and I'm still listening to it

  18. Alan Lloyd says

    Disposable ass pop music. How do people listen to this drek??

  19. Tiffiann Haynes says


  20. Jb Naush says

    Super nice song

  21. Vivek Uikey says

    nice song

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