No Big Deal with Miley Cyrus


Jimmy shows a clip from the Bravo TV show “NBD,” where host Casey and his guest Cassie (Miley Cyrus) talk about things that are “No Big Deal.” Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy…

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  1. Moonlight Dark Princess says

    Miley reminds me of Amanda Bynes character when she used to play Amanda's biggest fan "Amanda Please"

  2. Nana Vasileva says

    Oh, she makes so funny faces… 😀 😀

  3. Mariana Nedilnichenko says

    ~Who knows?!? ~~~~~~~~~Where did they get this habit to touch their mouth with their tongue , saying "deal " ? Really interested! ! !

  4. Sofia Piuzzi says

    this was so good.

  5. Arielle B. says

    i hope you do this bit again, so funny!

  6. Ashley Perla says

    Loved her hair

  7. Rebecca Williams says

    Jimmy sounds like Zachary Quinto so much here.

  8. Devika Gramopadhye says

    Jimmy sounds like Sean Hayes in Will and Grace!

  9. AwakeAtEight says

    what is the joke on 2:20 I don't get it, please help?

  10. Joezthepro says

    miley looks hillbilly af

  11. Liam Manning says

    Best jimmy fallon skit…nbd (props miley!!)

  12. victor wouters says

    Conservative scandal racial prominent urge southern ready return circle.

  13. Viona Wibowo says


  14. AllRequired says

    Why can't "No Big Deal" be a regular thing? I mean, you're probably going to have at least two "Ew!" segments this year.

  15. Anie-Claude Richard says

    Is it just me or suddenly a La Croix Water gun fight is my new summer dream

  16. Mckenzie Rohrer says

    Love It I do it all the time but I guess that is no big deal lol

  17. Matthew Swibel says


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