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  1. RockLeeGirlForLife says

    She's not that pretty… I mean behind that over the top amount of makeup, fake hair extensions washed by lots of expensive products and cute clothes she's just an ordinary girl without any special facial feautures or talents… People only like her because she's famous!

  2. RockLeeGirlForLife says

    I know it because it is obvious. And I AM NOT JEALOUS AT ALL, i'm glad to be myself and look the way i do, and i am way preetier than her, in my opinion. I am not self absorved or anything like that, but i have eyes and i see that i am beautiful and she's just ordinary compared to me (i'm just being honest). And i care that she doesn't have talents because there are people who are TRULY TALENTED that are not famous and it is very unfair that she is famous without working hard to get fame…

  3. steve Fowler says

    Rim shot for sure…she's hot

  4. steve Fowler says

    Do those legs ever stop???

  5. angela vinzce fernan says

    i wish i was her

  6. mars nagai says

    i feel like a potatoe now.

  7. Badgal Riri says

    Let the stalking in Calabasa begin lol

  8. erk goat says

    she's like a cross of nina dobrev, sandara bullock

  9. mclimbaugh says

    One of the best looking American women alive. Bruce hit that one over the fence when he fathered this one. Jenner is a classic American hero. He got a little goofy looking after his "procedure" but I'm sure with all the women he is around, they probably talked him in to it. Kendall is kind of a Jackie O'Nasty cross with a classic brunette California starlet and the distance between her eyes is a real evolutionary characteristic. That's what give Oprah her exotic intensity, predatorial look.

  10. Janaka says

    The girl doesn't take any bad pictures.

  11. HPrieto says

    your way prettier than her?? why arent you modeling then?? ive seen her in real life and she really is stunning, its kinda scary how perfect she looks, if she was "ordinary" compared to you, you wouldve been discovered by now, youd be modeling for vogue instead of on youtube calling an obviously stunning girl "ordinary" lol

  12. karlie marin says

    this gurl is so damn pretty.

  13. Milkypalace says

    Well that's fucking disgusting.

  14. VanessaShowShow says

    that's not even her car

  15. RockLeeGirlForLife says

    Although I had been asked to make part of a modeling agency I refused it since I don't want to have that life. My dream is to become a doctor and really help people… Unlike her. Just because I am pretty it doesn't mean I have to be in that life where people gain an insane amount of money only because of their looks. I want to earn money because I really help people around the world getting a better life!

  16. Ford Kuper says

    What the hell is wrong with you?

  17. golferx222 says

    you have problems unless you personally know this person, and also you choose trash music that spreads ignorance.

  18. Veda Sardeshpande says

    @RockLeeGirlForLife agree girl!! 

  19. Hannah Jones says


  20. Roncerinho says

    ah ah ah … god.


  22. Afro Afro says

    now this gal got some fat injected in her ass,she now has an ass even tho it's small compare to her family of fake asses,but she 's got some unlike in this pictures where her ass is completely flat

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