Never Have I Ever with Kylie, Jordyn and Victoria


Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods and Victoria Villarroel play Never Have I Ever, in ugly Christmas sweaters.

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  1. dote - says

    I can’t believe she was preg here

  2. Hafiza Yasmin says

    Hey kylie

  3. Jared Ferreira says

    thats crazy they dont even ask for like! they already know people gone like it

  4. natalie says

    the “ahhahaha you broke bitch” laugh 3:153:16

  5. Francheaka Nina says

    Please make another never have I ever.

  6. Ella says

    They’re drinking tea coz kylie couldn’t drink alcohol xx

  7. Noor Ahmed says

    I love your videos kylie and you are really pretty

  8. privacy please says

    Can't wait till the next tea time ☺

  9. The L Girl says

    Ok so was I the only one that thought they are sipping tea not beer because Kyle is pregnant

  10. Lavy Aisha says

    "snuck a boy into a parent's house" i forgot which season it was but there were two lil boys who supposedly/told that theyre 10 yo. kylie did it n she didn't drank

  11. Maren LLanos says

    You all look soooooo good, and you look suuper kind! <3

  12. Lifeismagical Canal says


  13. Es Em says

    How good are the people in Kylie's life to keep her baby quiet. They could have all made money on her but chose not to. So impressed!

  14. LDPuppiesLady says

    do more of this kylie!

  15. Anandinator says

    never have i ever gave birth to a baby

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