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  1. Victor Cinco says

    Beyonce and Kim have 2 completely different images. We talkin "church" girl sex appeal vs swim suit model sex appeal. She cant write a song to stay relevant. Think about the celebs yall worship. How did they get known for real.

  2. Leah Lee says

    How can anyone hate on some white chick who secretly wants to be black.. Come on na I'm a original..

  3. Rahja Wright-bey says

    KK & her entire family is THIRSTY AF for media attention smh cant stand them

  4. Iwona Kunicki says

    SHE need MAN

  5. Topaz fire says

    How could someone take you serious when you’re doing something like this and When you don’t have to .seems to me you need someone to lust after you and can’t get enough of it you’re pretty and we know that ,people going to stop wanting to see your pictures are going to start turning away

  6. Ruple Thaker says

    This person speaking very fast with the shower cap- is it a real person or a comedy character? (She also looks and sounds a bit mentaly disturbed)

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