Kylie Jenner Already Using Baby Stormi To Make Money $$$ | Hollywoodlife


Kylie has made Stormi inspired cosmetics. Tyga is drunk dialing Kylie Jenner. Plus – Kourtney Kardashian may want more kids. Subscribe to Hollywoodlife: Kylie Jenner,…

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  1. StealingSunsets says

    this is fucking stupid, now she’s not allowed to take inspiration and create art based on what is now the most important thing in her life? it’s not some money scheme she has enough money for a lifetime, she just combined her 2 loves and yall bitter for it

  2. StealingSunsets says

    yall been using her baby for money and views since before it was confirmed she was even pregnant

  3. Tee Jaycees says

    If this is true I dont see any problems with that. Shes the mother for Pete sake. She gave birth to her .Duh!

  4. Kaliah rosekisses says

    “SCOTT”, Kourtney needs you’re sperm again

  5. Natalia Fernandez says

    Hollywood life sucks I rather watch clever news !

  6. Snatched Weave says

    Fuck the Jenner/Kardashian’s Nobody likes them anyways we only like them because of the fucking tea and y’all know your asses only come to this channel for tea too!

  7. ashley m says

    She probably just named her stormi for the collection

  8. Annie70th says

    dude makeup is her passion, that's not wrong to want incorporate her new baby

  9. Fred Parker says

    Hey! I can hack Instagram accounts for as low as $50 except verified accounts. DM @fredparker_ on Instagram if you need help.

  10. young k.e says

    spend 2k on my jean hole

  11. Ms Meow says

    At the end of the day… It's all just drama..

  12. Lil Palm tree says

    Those photos Are innapropiate Why showing that!

  13. leopold klop says

    Where doe's Bruce put his tampon is what I want to know

  14. Jolie Gaviola says

    So let’s calculate. It took Ali less than a month to monetize and turn against an innocent mother-daughter inspiration. A new HollywoodLife record!

  15. Star Gutierrez says

    If she was using her child for money, she would post full on pictures of her or have videos on social media of the baby. She dedicated her new line to her child, her inspiration. Some people dedicate books or movies to their kids, are they doing it for money? No. It's a nice thought. My life I revolve it around my son, so it makes sense Kylie would do the same. I'm not a Jenner nor Kardashian fan girl, but I'm a mom, and to me she seems like a good mom. I hid my child's birth from family members because I didn't want bad drama around my newborn, she hid her pregnancy. No woman is going to protect their child like that, to end up using their child for money.

  16. alexandria83012 says

    Y’all need to leave this woman alone ..

  17. Raven aesthetic says

    I'm so done with this channel using kylie jenner for fame.

  18. Gunner Girl says

    I thought you were Brittany Spears

  19. Sabrina Ryan says

    you guys have been using kylie jenners pregnancy to make money for the last nine months…

  20. Beni Kalenda says

    Y’all need to stop fr

  21. Darian Thomas says

    you literally don’t know anything about them i wouldnt say you know what kylie is thinking lmao nobody does but themselves

  22. shodi m says

    Dysfunctional family

  23. Katie Wright says

    she really cant do nothing without criticism can she

  24. Dora Cuellar says

    Don't fkn care I have better things to worry about!!!!!

  25. sellmav says

    They are so gross

  26. Michelle Fox says

    Please help me celebrate my love.

  27. lavender lamb says

    She looks like bruce without all those injections

  28. amberdoe says

    It’s a sad world when monetizing a baby is a thing

  29. Nate WYA says

    la Spark

  30. wiccan wonder says

    Kylie might have hid stomi for protection and a suprise…. But wake up…. Kylie knew damn well that she would get more recognition and attention hiding stormi…. No one really knows nothing but it is an idea.

  31. Chason Wright says

    FUCKING try again!!! These damn people have jobs and lives. Get it got it good. Now ✅

  32. Harper And Keeley 2016 says

    No, She isn't already making money from her daughter. She has been inspired by her daughter to make this makeup product. Y'all are not complaining when your wearing the makeup tho are you?

  33. Amor Blum says

    Whats wrong with khloe's face?

  34. Mobile Junky says

    What’re thooooooose!?? 0:55

  35. jazmin glamz says

    First of all… Kylie can do whatever she wants to do.. kylie has a cosmetic line which she gets inspired by every little thing or human that are important to her and meaningful… and she named her new collection after her daughter which shows how much love she has for her plus it’s not ur business to criticize her and also about tyga situation like do u spend time with Kylie that u know everything that she’s doing NOOOOO so it’s not reliable and I haven’t seen with ur own eyes so stop talking like u know everything and Kylie look bad

  36. Callie Hillman says

    allow me to correct you, I don't know if you've seen beauty influencers talk about their makeup line releases, but it takes a LONG time to work on and Kylie even said when she released this line that she was working on it WHILE she was pregnant and named everything AFTER she picked out Stormi's name. I think it's cute and personal!!!

  37. Gloria Smith says

    Shame shame shame

  38. Awsome Girl says

    This channel sucks.

  39. Milkywaylay says

    HollywoodLife…smh stop it

  40. belinda beli says

    It's kylie's baby she can make a makeup line for her if she wants to.
    I think it's cute cause storming will have her very own makeup and Kylie could pay for Stormi's school and clothes with the money

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