Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Are Trying To Have A Baby


Justin Bieber, 20, and Selena Gomez, 22, are so in love — they might even be ready for the next step in their relationship. A new report claims they’re allegedly having sex without protection….

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  1. Mariaelena Solorzano says

    justin bieber I am your biggest fan

  2. thuy son says


  3. Duwane Gilmore says


  4. Ellie Witzing says

    Justin beber can you have sex with me

  5. Nicole Sanchez says


  6. Ryuzuka says


  7. Ryuzuka says

    Im a super cutie pie like no other i would have taken the world even i do not have, there are the little things that you protected except for your Dress, makeups and finally the world".

  8. melissa roper says


  9. baby stephanie says

    no, I don't think selena gomez should have a baby with justin bieber nooooooooo

  10. Nikkita Moore says

    Yes they should

  11. KingGamming says


  12. Falisha Mayoral says


  13. dope little vlogger says

    n99oooooooo ugly beiberbbaby cute selema bby

  14. Earlashia Glover says

    yes they should have a baby any get married

  15. salma Rani says


  16. salma Rani says


  17. Ian Adarraga says

    guess so

  18. Rachel Murphy says


  19. Eva Peters says


  20. RcsCreeper says

    no!!!!! the baby will be monstrous

  21. SIXES says


  22. Stevie Guy says


  23. Furry30 AJ says

    they should get married and have a baby

  24. Madison Beliveded says

    Yes they should

  25. Christel Reynaga says


  26. Julie Lynch says


  27. Lan Nguyen says

    I live in New mexico

  28. Linda Marcoot says


  29. Tabitha Napier says


  30. Christina Kallica says

    That a lie

  31. falandjina baptiste says

    they should get married and have a baby

  32. Marietta Brammer says

    they should get married

  33. Harrison floyd says


  34. David Villegas says


  35. Charlette Aarons says

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  36. Elizabeth Esquibel says


  37. David Clegg says

    I think it has gone to far who agrees

  38. Esta Jenkins says

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  39. Rosanna Ringold says

    That was good

  40. Imelda Vazquez says


  41. Devin Herling says


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