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  1. Makayla Arcos says

    I am so Miley

  2. Kim Ann Clark Music studio says

    Lol when lily fell

  3. Teo Chanelle says

    What is the episode called

  4. LillyAndora says

    Haha Lily xD

  5. Miah Hamidovic says

    Lily girl we are you same

  6. Edriana Nazree says

    omg does anyone know what episode this was from?

  7. Shushil Kabir says

    when miley was beautiful

  8. Skylar Mansfield says

    What episoed

  9. Skylar Mansfield says


  10. Andreea 217 says

    He said that "i fly to Romania" ??? I am confused 🙂

  11. Tina Aganye says

    that me about Lilly falling

  12. Huskers GBR says

    I remember watching this when I was 5 , the good memories

  13. Aaliyah Timm says

    What movie is this

  14. Mayeta b says

    Thanks 5p

  15. La Song says

    Credits to Miley for being the opposite of us and telling Jake he liked her straight forward

  16. Luis Soza says

    love y you

  17. Veronika says

    Somebody tell me, Miley and Jake stayed together or not? if not then who is left Miley ( in season 4)

  18. Little Dorito says

    1:16 RIP Lily, 2007

  19. Yorsalem Aria says

    Cute couple

  20. Alana says

    i was 4 when this came out

  21. Layal Lala says

    I miss the old miley

  22. Courtney Tonkin says

    Miley and jake like

  23. Julka Jóźwiak says

    1:15 Xddd

  24. seemas malhotra says

    yesterday i was lily at my slumber party because me and my friends were watching zombies movie i jumped like this so

  25. R David says

    Jake is cute

  26. Land Twisters says

    Lilly killed it

  27. Reyna Acosta says

    What episode was this

  28. M I A says

    Привет из 2018

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