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  1. Jokwon1 says


  2. raineray1 says


  3. Beyoncé live says


  4. music lover1984 says

    I love the simplicity of the Sasha fierce album cover stripped down the one in color is beautiful it gives me ANTM.

  5. music lover1984 says

    2:47 simple but beautiful.

  6. music lover1984 says

    3:16 that's Sasha for sure she's smizing lol .

  7. music lover1984 says

    her photography during the Sasha era was beautiful it gave you equal parts avant garde and edgy meets simplicity on the same album you could get emotional and turnt up listening to the same album lol.

  8. Aracely Vasquez says

    she met my science teacher

  9. Siehi Eve Rolande says

    Love B

  10. kaya Diwaan says

    she really has a beautiful yet simple face!

  11. Shaqwanna Cole says

    my girl beyonce rocks rocks rocks

  12. Kamilla Iqbal says


  13. Hidser De Jong says

    Cute pics.. but she looks better in person

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