Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj Shocking MTV VMA Feud


Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj battle over VMA 2015 Video of The Year Nominations over Twitter and Kim Kardashian gets involved. Starring Chloe Melas Subscribe! http://bit.ly/10cQZ5j Produced…

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  1. Nene Lynell says

    I am team Nicki all the way even tho its over

  2. Claudine Johnson says

    I would choose team taylor because everyone loves nicki and she has won alot but now its taylor swift turn so yeah BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cooking With Mikaela says

    team taylor

  4. erika poellnitz says

    team nicki

  5. Ariantr & Lamp #28/10/1984 says

    team Nicki.

    most of the ppl dont like her cause she twerks a lot (i think) but it looks like taylor has a lot of feuds so i assum that actually, she is the problem. Nicki didnt mention her name and taylor tweeted so dramaticly "i've done nothing but love you blabla".

  6. ESC Justas says
  7. Mitch Bodiongan says

    team taylor !!!!

  8. Emma Davidson says

    On Taylor Hollywood life I am on Taylor's team

  9. Alecia Brown says

    Nicki I don't like Taylor songs DAT much

  10. Charles Jaren vogler says

    Taylor swift

  11. Jada Homles says

    nick see the Best

  12. team nicki

  13. ulllaaaklara says

    Sorry, but not everybody loves Nicki. I personaly don't like her. She can't sing and her videos are the worst ever.

  14. Stacy Therimdor says

    I'm on team Nicki

  15. Asia Howard says

    Nicki everyday all day Miley what's good

  16. Sandra Rodriguez says

    Team Taylor Her songs Is about love and support she inspired me alot

  17. grace 420 says

    yeah well Taylor is a cunt so..

  18. Ashli Gamez says
  19. Rachel Speichinger says

    i am team nicky

  20. Ijalan B says


  21. anthonydwalker9 says

    nicki i pick her

  22. chauncey waterfield says

    team Nicki

  23. cousins forever love says

    t Nicki

  24. The Amazing Doge says

    Ugh, Team Taylor. There is no Question

  25. Louis Ismael says

    hey guys don't be so harsh on taylor they are both awsome

  26. Louis Ismael says

    ariantr & lamp taylor only twerks in vid shake it off but man nicki is the one that twerks alot

  27. boyo says

    ofc nicki had taylor in mind while making that tweet. 11 vmas, slim figure, much more awards than minaj. petty jealousy.
    swift has a right to defend herself.

  28. Julie Elvir says

    team tylor swift

  29. Julie Elvir says

    I dont who to yuse they both are my fovrot pop stars

  30. Kayla Seymour says

    Nicki Minaj!!!! Like if agree cause for some reason I like Nicki better than Taylor so you should too (and you don't have to pick Nicki)

  31. DaisyMeRolin says

    I like Nicki Minaj, taylor can due

  32. Makayla Poole says

    Taylor Swift is annoying that's why I pick Nikki

  33. 白琰 says

    Just to be honest I like Taylor better because,l like her nickname Taffy which is so cute.I'm not hating Nicki Minaj but I think she's too like her boops And I am not a fan of NM as well.

  34. Not Leah says

    Sorry nobody wanted to vote for trashy rip-off of 'Baby Got Back', Nicki. Learn some originality and get over yourself… –_

  35. Daisy Millan says

    team taylor score is 30 and team nicki score is 100

  36. Eriona Swift VEVO says

    Team Taylor all the way

  37. Jada Spence says


  38. Indrajit Brahma says

    For both,because they are best friends

  39. MorphPlayz says

    Team taylor

  40. Jenny vlremnghaki says

    Taylor swift

  41. Luke Buchanan says


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