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  1. SKYRA 468 says

    After i watch dis i realized i am just 12 years old.

  2. Abdul Karim says

    i one chance fuck kim

  3. Abdul Karim says

    Kim big boobs and big ass fuck

  4. Mzikayise Si says

    Hey kids it not Kanye west , it Ray jay

  5. Stevo McSteve says

    Fucking useless POS whore!!! Can somebody please kill the bitch????

  6. HEIDI FUCIK says

    I'm watch this and I'm 10, born on July 20,2007.

  7. Roxxi says

    Why was this Shit in my recomended

  8. arfne cleo says

    then don't watch this if you are minors

  9. Mya the awesome gamer says

    God im 12 why am i watching this

  10. Jahmarley John says


  11. Scott Rawhouser says

    This Kim before being a plastic doll

  12. Andre Arzola says

    Que hermosas nalgitas

  13. Nyjeal Smith says

    I was watching jelly wtf

  14. Avrus Illwhisper says

    Why is comment section plenty of horny kids?

  15. Cabdiraxman Maxamed says

    This is rock. Not keya west

  16. Rebecca Murray says

    Ya lil kid need to stop. And go watch something for kids…..

  17. Victory Hogans says

    that's Ray jay. k west

  18. Victory Hogans says

    Ray jay not k west

  19. valgamer gamer says


  20. Crystal Morrison says

    I'm not seeing no sex

  21. Devil Grunz says

    Lucky bitch gets to get fu***d by so many different d**ks

  22. Kaitlyn Ledesma says

    I’m 11

  23. gucci crew says

    Where all 12

  24. camcamthebeast vlogs 2 says

    wtf i'm only 12



  26. Sunnyside Up says

    I’m 8 and so was her ass size here still!

  27. Jim Van Hoomissen says

    Was not a sex tape

  28. royalty fam says

    I'm 9

  29. Tuna and Salmon says

    It's not Kanye West it's ray j.

  30. julien e lightbourne says

    I’m 12

  31. _R_O_Y_A_L_E_ TV says

    I swear i am 11

  32. _R_O_Y_A_L_E_ TV says

    I have a boner

  33. keisha williams says

    The weakest sex tape ever

  34. REFLYN DELAPH says

    wait she had no ass then

  35. Rachel Dishman says

    That is Ray j dumb mahfuckers

  36. I'm Gee Gee Y! Flores says

    Take notes girls on how not to be a Thot!

  37. PORXN xnxnx says


  38. Melchisedec Fernandez says

    I'm 12

  39. sandra Furze-danson says

    Pretty boring sex tape, looks like she is more interested in how she looks!!

  40. jed razel says

    Why am i watching at 1

  41. Unique Johnson says

    That's Ray Jay

  42. Unique Johnson says

    Kim Kardashian ass flat

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