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  1. Heaven Hancock says

    What's that song that plays at 18 seconds

  2. céréna gitana says


  3. Sristi Thapa says

    He is so cute

  4. Mariana Antunes says

    I love Rihanna

  5. Chavda Bhavesh says

    Justin is the best …….

  6. Tutul r says

    lots of love to Justin from Rose

  7. Jasmin Cortez-Garcia says

    I liked because of Justin Bieber I love him sooooo much and I love you soooooo much Justen Bieber

  8. BTS - says

    Omg ❤

  9. Jayden Ledkins says

    you are so good

  10. Aditya Singh says

    Justin Bieber all song my favorite

  11. r4ngin says

    Wtf how did Justin win like 5 awards with baby… that song is trash

  12. L. G says

    What a Year was it?

  13. Dowey Sings says

    Surprised he never won female award lol

  14. Maysol Loja says

    Justin dice en el segundo premio ahora que digo. Bello Justin simplemete bello digas lo que digas lo haces ver genial.

  15. Thohidul Islsm says


  16. SHAHIN SAFI says

    I love u justin

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