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  1. ReggaeStylazz says

    I reckon when you refer to "mic" you mean "boobs"?

  2. Kevin Bodkin says

    50 was worried Jay would drop him from the team.

  3. Shiggy Shi says

    Yo peep how kanye was looking at 50..

  4. Douglas Wilson says

    No he saw it coming. He just didn't want Jay-z's penis residue on his cheek.

  5. Rob Nyse says


  6. Instrumental187 says

    50 has a big ass EGO!!

  7. chrisqzone says

    Jayzs Residue lmao dats funny comment below lol

  8. charli brown says


  9. Bekzhan Sauirbaev says

    Fuck Beyonce

  10. julio.lp59 says

    He wasnt fucking looking..

  11. Thomas DEVAUD says

    Hahhaha beyoncé . Fifty is the BEST!

  12. Andrew O says


  13. Ratko Jankovic says

    useriii bre

  14. Music Love says

    hahahahaahahhah biotch

  15. MrArjay123 says

    Lmaoo 50 a G. He like umm no. No jay z dick lips on me hahah.

  16. fuck says

    cuz hawaii 5-0 is a fagg

  17. Destini Hines says

    50 got nothing lol

  18. Yudikorsou Willemstad says


  19. Osman Abdi Mostafa says

    her boobs was popped out, id do her on the stage

  20. Mr513cincy says

    Fif wasnt even lookin for a kiss he dont give a shit he got bitches that look waaaay better than her

  21. Mr513cincy says

    he didnt i comin on purpose lol!!!

  22. Shaki says

    50 cent ain't gonna give respect to the illuminati puppets Hw was overlooked many time because bespoke the truth

  23. woodsmoke ! says

    Only fifty know's what she did with that mouth.

  24. GTSunrise says

    all i can see is that 50 knows the truth…….
    and look at kanye west gosh he look like an innocent then LOOK HOW PEOPLE DO CHANGE !


    Beyoce try to kiss 50 but she saw 50 don't want a kiss so she fixed really good move .,50 ain't kiss a enemy"s bitch

  26. LaPride247 says

    hahaha 50 is real nigga, he a boss, he dont want none of that illuminate crap touchin him

  27. nolanjuice84 says

    he was like you got a little jay z cum on your lip stay back

  28. Big Lia says

    50 is a truth, believe that

  29. Douglas Wilson says

    Thank you and you're welcome.

  30. Maria Fly says

    maybe he shy lol

  31. moner fvg says

    but 50 cent is worth 350 mil.

  32. Amilia Jones says

    50 defi didn't want it//Beyonce was tryna give him! hahah

  33. bgreen0115 says

    I don't think he noticed her trying to kiss him

  34. Outdawayfool P says

    50 dont kiss these hoes in the mouth lol

  35. Outdawayfool P says

    or cheek!!

  36. Isiah Johnson says

    She stopped cause Jay was watchin lol

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