Taylor Swift Naked In Kanye West ‘Famous’ Video – Celebs React


Kanye West Famous video features a naked Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown and celebs like Bill Cosby and react. Starring Ali Stagnitta Produced by @ginoorlandini Subscribe! http://bit…

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  1. Sal Firearms says

    How do you spell Kanya West? – – – MORON.

  2. Jimmy J says

    Lying in bed between a naked Taylor Swift and a naked Kim Kardashian? He's a Genius! LOL

  3. I Like food says

    That is just disgusting who would do that I feel bad for the people in it

  4. Deepak Kurade says


  5. Laila’s Camera Roll says

    Donald trump is laying in bed naked as well…

  6. uhhben says

    why does any of this matter?

  7. leejproductions27 says

    Who really cares????? not me.

  8. MrWardonis says

    nudity shouldn't really be a thing. oh my, shes naked, so what, everybody has skin, damn religion for making a big thing of it

  9. Katelyn Bailey says

    She's a fake bitch that needs to be put in her place

  10. 007scallywag says

    What a moron this guy is.

  11. Brian Pass says

    These pawns are used in tandem to increase the fame & celebrity, & therefore the usefulness, of BOTH pawns.

  12. Jeff Busby says

    …. it's not only pathetic that this got made, it's pathetic that these people are allowed to have the wealth and careers they have… because of the idiots who support them, and give them their fucking money ,to live better than like kings, while most of them there doesn't seem to be anything worth preserving ,other than their looks…

  13. Ramiro De leon says

    fucking iluminaries everyone watch

  14. Ghostgamer 2891 says

    Wtf is wrong with Kanye West, and why is he famous!

  15. A Person says

    Oh we'd

  16. Yeet Myster21 says

    Cosby put all of them to sleep

  17. Demille Taylor says

    TORI was like bitch byeeeeeeeee.

  18. manmu gogo says

    fucking negro monkey

  19. *Boss baby* says

    thanks kanye she is hoooooot

  20. scott collins says

    just another nig……..dumbasses

  21. Mo firoj Roon says

    mofirojroon 9782255792

  22. Sand Flea says

    Them rich people are strange.

  23. Jose C says

    kanye is a sick bastard!

  24. First Name says

    ok…taylor boobs..small..small tits..but im 100% so many guys hve suck or fuck her…so go fuck up!

  25. seal 603 says

    Guys its a Taylor look alike not Taylor swift

  26. Hercule55 says


  27. autigers2010nc says

    yeah when you get to hell taylor turn around and you will see it was the evil illuminati that put your ass there!!!

  28. Samsia Paudac says

    I dont care, Im solid taylor swift forever.

  29. Mhaenal The Destroyer says

    I’ll just stick to memes after seeing this pile of stank ass.

  30. guruprasad YM says

    uncultured americans…….americans must be banned from entering civilzed world.

  31. Music Pocket says

    Taylor gostosa

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