Kylie Jenner Receiving Tyga’s Drunk Phone Messages BEHIND Travis Scott’s Back!!?


We’ve all heard the saying “drunk words are sober thoughts,” and clearly that is Tyga’s life motto right now as we’ve learned that the rapper can’t stop calling his famous ex Kylie…

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  1. Sabiha Zaman says

    First to comment

  2. Nour Life says

    2nd to comment

  3. Milena Nuñez says


  4. Danimal Yogurt says

    4th comment

  5. cassyluv Sanchez says

    I would delete the messages

  6. Nina Cortez says

    8th to comment lol

  7. Sheila B says

    Simple solution block his number

  8. D ST says

    All you gotta do is put sources say and people will believe it smh these sources need names

  9. Grey Kunz says

    Where do you get these fake news

  10. 12zabra says

    Tyga just move on Kylie is Happy

  11. Chelsea Smith says

    i remember that ep on KUWTK when Kylie cried over Tyga

  12. jauregui cabello says

    karma's always by your side
    just move on, buddy

  13. Isak Kookie says

    ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

  14. Demi Michelle says

    Satan is Real mahn wtf ok When y'all dating n stuff things go as planned n all is well then the guy decides to start cheating or do silly stuff then suddenly the girl decides to move on with her life and let go everything
    Isn't this funny how when a girl decides to move on after a stressful and horrible relationship and starts being happy is when the guy returns?aaaww He'll no dude can you go back to where you came from Gadamn Tyga just leave the girl alone when you was given the opportunity to date her you took advantage of her and she(Kylie Jenner) decided not to revenge but instead move on with her life..i believe that rynow she's now happy with her man Travis whome she chose to be the father of her child and she's now happy with her life.. and that's how life goes

  15. Siouxsi Sioux says

    All that plastic surgery and money, and in reality, she's just a hood thot.

  16. Trina More says

    Tyga said so himself that the media is ALWAYS LYING about him!(Watch his interview on the Breakfast Club) He's no longer with her and they're STILL making up stories about him?. First the media lied saying Tyga said her baby is his. Now they're saying he's "drunk texting" her? They're trying to start beef between Tyga And Travis because Travis ain't feeling Kylie like that.

  17. MeMes Kpop says


  18. Sparta 9 11 Tv says

    Who cares he still love her go tyga shes Not happy she's lieing don't give up

  19. Krystal Mitchell says

    & how would y’all know this personal information ? Oh ok

  20. Emily says

    Why can't tyga leave Kylie alone. Shes happy.

  21. Liliy Butterman says

    If I was Travis I would block his number it’s that simple

  22. Daniel Alejandro Martinez says

    Tragic, poor Tyga 🙁

  23. Kevin Lewis says

    I wouldn't want my ladies ex drunk dialing my woman, change that number, block his calls, not right going behind your man's back smh

  24. Cris Acevedo says

    Tyga needs to move on

  25. Ilyas Omar says

    tyga has said that the media lie about him…That's the same bitch this lies about tyga just … But you know what it does not interest anyone what she says about him…He stays the king

  26. Amuck Buffalo470 says

    Hold up how the fuck did y’all know that tyga call her did y’all see his phone ?

  27. PeanutBrainLOL says

    Travis Scott to hella ugky tyga way sexier Lmfso

  28. Janakma Jana says

    Yahh really believe everything this dumb lady says lmao so people are a joke,would believe anything

  29. Maya Palliser says

    You're saying that Travis doesn't know but yet here you are talking about it on the internet. If it's true he's bound to find out, especially when it's on the INTERNET. Smh, srsly?

  30. S Mohammed says

    He loves her

  31. Valencia Walker says

    I would block or get my number changed

  32. D Vega says


  33. spajkii says

    this is so fake

  34. Ras4250 Allen says

    Fake News

  35. Natalia Stornello says

    God he's such a loser

  36. Catherine L. says

    He messed up a good thing when he had it!

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