Miley Cyrus and Kyle Mooney’s Sex Tape – SNL


When Bobby Moynihan and Beck Bennett accidentally walk in on Miley Cyrus and Kyle Mooney making a sex tape, they discover that Kyle is hesitant about sleeping with Miley. The situation grows…

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  1. Colm Gallagher says

    Time to go listen to MJ

  2. Colm Gallagher says

    What would your pray for? DOUG // coz I got to catssuimm

  3. Colm Gallagher says

    Wakka Wakka

  4. Scarlet Phoenix says

    Good thing Kyle didn't fuck that bitch. He knew she had every std in the book. Haha good job Kyle.

  5. Kunta Kinte says

    He's been a,dork for so long. He didn't know how to act I know the feeling

  6. DeeSmokez Gaming says

    Sup beck SUP RICKY!!

  7. I hate to Hate but that was the dumbest shit I've ever seen.

  8. Elliott Blau says


  9. Elliott Blau says


  10. Elliott Blau says


  11. Elliott Blau says


  12. Elliott Blau says


  13. Anthony Martinez says



    This was frustrating to watch

  15. Dramedy Corner says

    Kyle Mooney is a MF baby doll

  16. Daniel Funk says

    This is how unfunny this show is hipsters I blame them

  17. Vvunyto vVeb says

    Wutz everyone bytchin about

    Didnt seem so bad to me…

  18. Amanda Davis says

    Oh god

  19. KNIGHT MASTER says

    1:26 me when I say “sup” to my best friends older brother that goes to college and plays football

  20. JesusChristisLord&Savior says

    Jesus Christ is Lord! JOHN 3:16 Believe on Him today, ask Him to be your personal Lord & Savior, accept His payment on the cross for your sins! Ask that His precious blood be applied to your account. Trust in Him today!

  21. Ilya Byk says

    Lucky guy…

  22. dumpy says

    This is straight out of Kyle Mooney's and Beck Bennets youtube channel prior to them doing SNL.

  23. JD3020 FAN says


  24. Taylor Made2 says

    I'd bang the shit out of Miley

  25. Mike Rapaich says

    Beck saying, "what's up Ricky" makes this video XD

  26. Sunny the Cat says

    Kyle why you cheating on Leslie?

  27. Robert Chamberlin says

    Notice snl every skit sucks and is about sex.

  28. Kevin Strom says

    Why are two dudes making a sex tape?

  29. eyextraction says

    snl should do a skit where illegal aliens barge into someones house dirty the carpet and demand food and blankets, the police come and they cant do anything about it, so the guys there vacuuming up there shit while they raid the fridge and call him a RACIST WHITE MAN….but the guy is clearly asian etc etc…but their a bunch of bias lames with no balls so…

  30. jalen laurence says

    Dislike for ads

  31. Arceus Lord of Creation says

    Yeah I saw that coming

  32. TheZephyrStorm says

    If that were me, I’d propose in a second

  33. Conscious Vibrations says

    she's gross

  34. Lazy Bell says

    Who the fuck gets begged to have sex with Miley fucking Cyrus?! Bitch sign me up

  35. Gavin Reddig says

    @my friends when there about to get laid

  36. Jc 3 says

    Yup. Still one of the hottest fitches in the world. Id so destroy that

  37. Chad Thompson says

    She's a weirdo but she definitely has one sexy ass voice…and that's not something guys typically care about but hers is so unique

  38. Max Otto says

    Heh, mini tits.

  39. Hector Gonzalez says

    Sounds great kyle. Get back in there.

  40. bhim gurung says

    Guys I swear I just got free $2613_real money from this_amazing website>>>> Try once.

  41. Michael Carron says

    The video was amusing up until the 200 year old thing, that end plot ruined the whole thing

  42. Aaron Wolfenbarger says

    Miley isn't the perfect girl she is the lowest piece of shit on the planet. I wouldn't let a mangy dog have sex with her!

  43. Chuck Arterton says

    Almost as stupid as Laugh-In. Oops – now you know how old I am.

  44. Ludvig Danielsen says

    Responsible painting history they chief obvious challenge airplane.

  45. Ytp says


  46. David Dahl says

    SNL really lost their class and their witt. That's sad. This is just "college humor" level garbage

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