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  1. Abbi Mass says


  2. Marina G says

    Bee is so damn hot… LOVE HER!!

  3. goldenchimchar says

    Jay-Z disliked this.

  4. amitl054 says

    So lucccky guy

  5. Mikya Banks says

    Beyonce like this

  6. Mikya Banks says


  7. garrett jones says

    she so fuckin fime

  8. CallyKal197 says

    Mekhi Phifer, Mike Myers, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Jason Statham all disliked this video
    (*every man she's kissed in a movie*)


    how do u know did he say it (not being rude) and if he did tell me where i can see it

  10. Super Luigi says

    i like beyonce and she has the sexiest white toungue so sexy i want to french kiss her fuck u jz

  11. Sasha James says

    It was a joke.

  12. yiamdyiam 1927 says

    what's name of this film

  13. Jashara Mitchell says

    get it b

  14. angel m says

    tbh I can't really say who is lucky to have who bc both are fine af

  15. Elias Jefferson says

    Every boys dream: To kiss Beyonce!

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