Kylie Jenner SHADES Her First Love – Zayn Reveals REAL Reason He Didn’t Go On Tour (DHR)


More Celebrity News ▻▻ Kylie Jenner SHADES her first love? Justin Bieber is going to be a big brother again. And Ed Sheeran responds to marriage rumors. All…

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  1. Emma Crevits says

    Nice show

  2. Natalie Valenzuela says

    bout time we here someone else talk about her kidney that hereing Selena Talk about it a million times

  3. Natalie Valenzuela says

    omg that's his dad??? he is hot!!!! although his wife looks young bet she's not that much older than justin.

  4. WhyDoYouWantToKnowMy Name says

    I don't think Zayn's music is going to be like MoM. He has said he wants to do more music in Urdu than the little taste we got on MoM. I think he wants to pay homage to his heritage and I'm all about it.
    I've hated SC for a long time. It takes up way too much space on your phone and is super slow unless you have a good processor which my poor ass can't afford.

  5. charlize theron says

    Waiting for zayns new album

  6. Amirtha Apollo says

    I too love zayn's new music

  7. Kim Possible says

    I personally think Zayn has anxiety and genuinely doesn't want to talk about it because in this day and age it will tarnish his reputation and credibility as an artist so he came up with this garbage excuse when MoM as a whole is spectacular.

  8. Roses K says

    I m here for Zayn. Those were nice words clever news. So excited for Z2!!!! i subscribed <3

  9. pacificae says

    If he already has a younger sibling, how did he stop being a big brother???

  10. nawaraa waraa says

    ok first of all I know u all are exciting about zayn but when zayn drop all his album its gona be bomb n don't judge his song album

  11. celie barrera says

    Zayn and Camilla Cabello should make a song. Kudos to them for pursuing their careers after a successful big group career. People judge them on their group departure but they wanted change.

  12. Maeflower says

    My mom and dad both have engagements ring as well

  13. isabel torres says

    Salena and Justin will definitely be having a baby now in 2018

  14. tam RY says

    Wow. I thought kyles first love was her sex toy lol

  15. Keya says

    I've lost interest in snap

  16. Maylife Carson says

    the title confused me

  17. Sweet Marrie says

    My Snapchat hasn't changed yet so I still use it. I haven't experienced the update to know if I'll continue to use it or not though

  18. L Bieber says

    Ok the clickbait is just…who else thought she meant an ACTUAL FUCKING HUMAN

  19. Clarissa Silva says

    I always thought it was a bit weird that in the US (and a lot of other countries, I think) only the women wear an engagement ring… In Brazil both the man and the woman wear a ring (on the right hand if you're engaged, and on the left hand if you're married)

  20. Anoushka Arora says

    Snapchat is soooooo 2017 byeee

  21. star boy says

    Zayn you still can tour with one good album. MOM was good enough. And many artists do covers of others people´s songs (Beyonce, Usher, JT, JB, Ed, Bruno Mars, Harry, Nial, etc)

  22. Alyssa Jackson says

    I don't open snap chat anymore the new way snapchat it crap

  23. Regina Mangold says

    Why nobody told erin her hair sticks out xD

  24. Camila Bastos Pires says

    in brazil we both wear the engagement ring

  25. Melissa - says

    Snapchat is gonna die soon, like keek and vine. Remember when Kylie used to make so many keeks?

  26. Oryon says

    Why do I feel like these two hate the fuck out of each other?

  27. Daniel Alejandro Martinez says

    All people know you are taken*

  28. kittykatyq104 says

    I love Snapchat. I don't like the update obviously but it's not bad I got used to it

  29. Daniel Alejandro Martinez says

    Nope.. Snapchat nope

  30. Jasmine Chase says

    wow it is still hard for me to believe that Selena Gomez's Friend donated her Kidneys… I understand how you would never want your friend to die if you are somehow able to do something about it… but usually this is only the case with close family…. This girl is only Friends with Selena… it about the same age and looks beautiful and healty… like she said in the video she is having a harder time than Selena adjusting to loosing a major organ. She has basically guranteed herself health compliccations indefinetly… There is a good chance that Selena will reject her kidneys and basically she would have done it for nothing… It would be hard for me to believe this would have happened if Selena wasnt rich and famous…. there are so many people out their that will do anything to get thier fifteen mintues of fame.. No offence to either of them.. it is quite a beautiful story… but you would have to $$$$$$$$$$ me big money to remove my kidney if i am otherwise a healty woman and give it to someone whos cells kill their organs anyways. Selena is a beautiful and talented girl and it is so sad that she is going through this horrible diease…. i hope that she can stay healthy as long as possible… it just shows that fame and money do not discriminate when it comes to inherting a disease.. however money and fame can buy you human organs

  31. Sia Fan says

    Erin. I love your hair. The look would have been completed if you had done some space buns or a ponytail.

  32. Mona D says

    Kim Possible theme… lol

  33. Dunia Valencia Montoya says

    That girl Renee…sorry but she exaggerates so much when talking..and looks kinda fake. The other presenters are more natural…but her, idk, maybe tone it down, be yourself. Just my opinion, I’m not trying to be mean.

  34. K Smith says

    I did

  35. Luis rnesto Angomas says


  36. cristianna west says

    whotf cares

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