10 Guys Kim Kardashian Has “Dated”


15 Girls JB Dated▻▻ http://bit.ly/1lYil8w More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Kim Kardashian is currently living a very “Happily Ever After” tale after marrying…

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  1. Hope Stenson says

    u mean f***ed. dated. hahaha

  2. Dalton Rockey Jaywheh says

    well…….I think she's good, but there are a lot of girls out there that dated more than 50 men!!

  3. J IV says

    Now she stuck with Kanye….poor thing lol

  4. Tj Colvin says

    She sold her soul to be rich and famous that's how she got fame. And spreading her legs.

  5. ozzman 74 says

    you are absolutely correct she is the most recognized slut around the world..

  6. BlessedIam says

    And who cares

  7. BlessedIam says

    Terrence Howard seriously

  8. Rachel Ngugi says

    what about the Australian guy that was her bodyguard?

  9. Michael Mcdonagh says

    Kim love black cock she would suck any famous black cock to get famous it's provin ray ja said he never had the sex tape Kim had it so she must hav putin it up

  10. Kairy Dhillon says

    She dated The Game too

  11. Nasrat Kabaan says

    kanye West is just a water of space and Kim did not want to stop being a whore when she was with Kris cuz he was just a decent man that did not fit their all black men sorry waste of space people

  12. évan hid says

    that girl is sick i don't know why che is famous

  13. Flexonym says

    biggest hoe ever

  14. Meriam Meriam says

    She likes black men

  15. Candy Diaz says

    That R jay guy is stupid. Hit it first is when a girl is still a virgin. He probably was the 20th one. And I don't know why she dates all this ugly nasty guys who don't respect her. She could have any guy she wants someone who has morals.

  16. sassytela says

    Well u can tell she was just looking for Mr right because of the way she didn't wait before she went on to the next one.

  17. Beverly Robinson says

    and they wanna talk about Ciara???

  18. starboy tesfaye says

    You actually forgot Tj Jackson, her very first boyfriend, the man she lost her virginity too

  19. alex sanchez says

    They are actually still married

  20. iceman5815 says

    Doesn't she date anyone with a cock?

  21. EarthUnity says

    She went from indian looking to white.

  22. Jalen Myers says

    she should jump of a cliff

  23. Jalen Myers says

    she is a mother fucker slot what a bitch!

  24. R W Van Dyke says

    ALL niggas, eh!!

  25. stephone knowles says

    Kim Kardashian is the shit

  26. Srushti Mishra says

    y'all forgot who she lost her virginity to. TJ Jackson

  27. stupid says

    I don't think Kim and west will get divorced because they have 2 beautiful children. besides they have been married for like what 2,3 years now I doubt them getting a divorce but u never know.

  28. anna xiang says

    and Justin is everywhere

  29. Andres Ayala says

    When Kim confesses something to the ppl she's talking too they should say oh here comes a Kim-fession

  30. AKICEQUEEN 907 says

    This THOT sold her soul for fame. I just couldn't do that. I don't care if I had eviction notice on my door, my soul isn't for sale by any means for a come up.

  31. Jessica Richards says

    I'm not a fan of Kanye West

  32. John Kant says

    Wow what a whore.

  33. Aseanlover says

    why do the kardashians like black guys?!

  34. Daphne Walker says

    That is not all who she dated…..shes basically a smart hooker, because she's rich and famous. That's all

  35. Jessica Richards says

    I really don't like Kanye West

  36. Ann Marie says

    They r white Bitches.
    Her Vagina must be like Niagara Falls.
    It's only keep running.

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