Ariana Grande Hates America?


9 Most WTF Justin Bieber Moments▻▻ More Celebrity News ▻▻ The singer was caught on camera not only licking a freshly baked…

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  1. Harry Williams says

    Ugly untalented cunt.

  2. Grzesia275 Gs says

    Bitch of an Islamist devotee

  3. crazy me says

    I never understood the big deal with this girl I don't think she's beautiful I think she's just average I think her head is too big and she thinks her s*** don't stink and she could eat a few more burgers for her little tiny body.

  4. PrincessMaya Dorsey says

    i hate ariana grande americans are great your just a fool ariana

  5. PrincessMaya Dorsey says

    ariana grande country suck

  6. goodgirl says

    I hated you Ariana Grande

  7. 1 says
  8. ladyvictoria8 says

    She's a brat…

  9. Ryan Krest2 Bryant says

    she is hispanic I think that is why she hates america

  10. Sergio Maravilla says

    fuck this Italian cunt.

  11. Felix Agho says

    ariana doesn't hate her America

  12. Felix Agho says

    that was rude for the store owner to record her without even asking if it's okay. that was so ride of them.

  13. Nora Lomibao says

    even she hates america i would love her if you hate her then hate her bitch she is my life so if you hate her you are a motherfucker and a bitch

  14. Nora Lomibao says

    +clevver news i will never subscribe at your channel even you die god i wish you die mother fucker biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitchhhhhh

  15. Savva Moser says

    The licking is weird and disgusting but the comment was a fucking joke about America's prevalent obesity problem not a personal attack on fat people

  16. Andre Sfeir says

    Anti American and rude. She would not be rich if she didn't live here!

  17. Clara Girlyhero says

    if u hate America LEAVE diva

  18. 50 shadesofslayyy says

    fuck ariana

  19. jake4bonsai says

    Who gives a shit if she apologized, she's still a little immature rude cunt and if she's hates America/Americans then get the fuck out!! Funny enough, after her little concert incident in the UK where did she immediately run to?? That's right, America!! I can't stand ignorant little bitches with way more money than they have life experience or respect…

  20. Cat says


  21. Joana Soares says

    Ariana is Queen

  22. Layla Carreon says

    I hatr ariana Grande now

  23. Shadow Dude says

    so you're telling me she hates her own country? I've always knew she was insane. (im not an american and im not defending america,idc really)

  24. Phatzboy lardo says

    what do i think bout this little bitches remarks THE DOORS RIGHT THERE DONT LET IT HIT YOU WHERE THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YOU….BITCH!!!!

  25. Phatzboy lardo says


  26. B B says

    I think Ariana Grande isn’t but person, but this actions are…looks like kid 🙁

  27. austin harris says

    People never show the whole video. I hate America and I'm American, our laws suck asssssss u can't go outside and spit without getting a fucking ticket anymore. It looked to me as she was saying she hates us because the food was so good or something along those lines she was in the store eating so…..

  28. Jason Ford says

    Ariana hates America Ariana Grande can kiss my ass

  29. Hager Hager94 says

    Disgusting slut

  30. Aj Strini says

    If you hate America ariana fine that's ok because here we have freedom of sppech and you won't be killed for saying that but go to north Korea you will be killed or your family will be killed or put in to labor.camps

  31. The Alihano says

    Ariana Grande planned to bomb her concert in Manchester, I hope she gets caught and gets sentenced to death!

  32. koray satici says

    Fuck america i like alaska hawaii and canada

  33. LouriElleGiveEmHell 9 says

    Umm she’s justified in my eyes. I hate America and Americans too.

  34. Lisa Constable says

    maybe she didnt mean it #]

  35. jay thovin says

    Who cares about that fucken tranny faggot and his music fucken sucks

  36. Luly Delgado says

    Porque Hablas En Inglés Pelotuda? Si vos Hablas En Español IDIOTA

  37. rose astill says

    go to another country then.

  38. Jude Mallari says

    Whatever happened to the 1st Amendment? You know, "FREEDOM OF SPEECH " Is it still part of our CONSTITUTION? Ariana just happened to voice out her opinion. People all around the country do this every day. Ariana just happened to be a famous celebrity who was caught on camera. And you know how the media people just love "Special Occasions " like this one.

  39. Isabella Nubile says

    I’m sure she was just joking

  40. Eric Martinez says

    She has one of those faces…the ones you just want to smack the shit out of.

  41. Duh says

    spoiled brat + shitty channel = profit

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