Hailey Baldwin Reacts To Justin Bieber Dating Selena Gomez & Speaks On Her Modeling Career 10.30.17


Hailey Baldwin Reacts To Justin Bieber Dating Selena Gomez & Speaks On Her Modeling Career 10.30.17 – TheHollywoodFix.com SUBSCRIBE to our channel and Follow us on SOCIAL: TWITTER: https://twitter…

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  1. SWIZZ _T says

    I didnt know her until she started dating justin bieber

  2. TayFrom MSP says

    tbh,ive never heard of this girl

  3. Sandy Pe says

    Justin could fuck any white girl but he knows white girl are nasty that why he wants a Latina

  4. Daily Angels says

    Where's her new Gay Best Friend Shawn Mendes?

  5. Mena Yeomans says

    Wat is she wearing

  6. Austin Kelly says

    That outfit is trashy af

  7. Vivian Tran says

    Like how she tries and starts small talk

  8. Riridiculouz says

    She has a career?

  9. Larissa Peters says

    kudos to this dude for being genuinely nice

  10. knorenknor says

    I feel bad for her cause she was the one who was there for justin….

  11. Typical Ren says

    First of all…where the fuck she come out from? Irrelevant

  12. OMGMaw says

    Its so easy for these celebs to get robbed

  13. snap back to reality says

    at least she doesn't brag about her fame that's cool

  14. Cylar fox says

    ugly outfit

  15. Princess Allison says

    Idk why many people hate hailey like for free but she is just being nice and she's a person too she can do mistakes bc she's not perfect and I think there's nothing wrong with that. She just did was to support justin from the beginning as a friend be with him support him, defend him and even if a lot of people didn't like her she become a good friend of Justin. As a matter of fact that hailey NEVER SHADE HIM and turn her back on him even if she is receiving a lot of hates. She's beautiful inside and out. Indeed. Just leave this girl that have a angel face alone and I know I can't please everyone to support her or love her but just atleast respect her as a human too. Spread the love! ❤️

  16. Gabyy says

    he was so out of breath while she was walking

  17. Britney Spearss says

    En que minuto

  18. Karo Grenda says

    That's sad

  19. Happy Thinking Is Healthy says

    Those pants… No Hailey bad choice it looks like you borrowed your dads pants. Otherwise she look good.

  20. xxMep pepxx says

    He's a really nice pap

  21. Veronica Salas says

    I love her outfit!

  22. Laylah P says

    She's not really that big of a model compared to Kendall, Bella and Gigi

  23. Samantha V says

    “I will leave you alone now thank you” lol

  24. Isabella Gimenez says

    I like this pap he’s nice and keeps his space

  25. tayla-grace murphy says

    REAL TALK! Can someone link me her pants please

  26. lets says

    so cute ❤️❤️

  27. mak mendesss says

    im shook, that guy is nice… i mean, for a paparazzi

  28. Intan Jessica says


  29. baby gray says


  30. BTS Virus Army says

    Why does Justin leave her over Sofia and Selena? She is such a great person..

  31. Girlsmakeup97 says


  32. M M says

    I love her outfit

  33. Simplynesley15 says

    I hate this bitch

  34. jariana love says

    I hate selena

  35. 賈英杰 says

    i love you❤️

  36. princeza huligan says

    I just hate her. She is soo ugly.

  37. Nianazza says

    Why does she bother walking so long when she could drive until where she was going

  38. Life As Mary says

    she was better than selena

  39. henri crousteau says

    how tall is she?

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